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Black Widow 2020: A Tribue to Natasha and Iron Man!

MCU iron man is presenting us with Black Widow, a superhero solo film based on the life of Marvel Superhero, Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow. The film, Black Widow will release in 2020 and warmly welcome Iron Man’s return in MCU.

As you all know, Avengers: Endgame fetches two of the powerful and significant superheroes to their end. Yes, in Endgame we witnessed the death of Natasha and Tony Stark. Both of them sacrificed their lives to save the world from Thanos and certainly, that was a drastic turning point of MCU.

We didn’t expect it at all that we would ever have to lose Iron Man or even never thought about losing Natasha, the Black Widow. So, here Marvel goes to pay a tribute to Natasha for the sacrifice she made in the Endgame.

Black Widow is an upcoming Marvel film that will follow the life journey of Natasha Romanoff. The film will throw light on the life events of the Black Widow that what she was before becoming an Avenger.

Iron Man Back in Action!

Consequently, Black Widow (2020) will have another Marvel Character as I stated before and that’s none other than Tony Stark. Yes, Tony Stark our Iron Man will be a part of Natasha’s feature film, Black Widow.

The film is set to follow the events years ago before the Avengers film series and will feature Natasha’s life before that and also feature once again in an MCU film.

Certainly, having Iron Man back in action is not less than a miracle. Anyhow, many people are criticizing this idea of bringing back after the tragic death shock of him which we all suffered.

Let’s see what impact Black Widow will leave on us with having Natasha and Iron Man back in action even after facing their tragic and painful deaths in Endgame.


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