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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Argyle Is More than Just a Sidekick

“Hold onto your butts, Brochachos.”

Argyle Is More than Just a Sidekick The fourth season of Stranger Things brought in a lot of fresh material to change things up in preparation for the show’s eventual conclusion. This season, the program has begun to shift its tone, adopting a style that is both eerier and more mature than in prior seasons, and introducing a new plot that is modeled after the influential horror film Nightmare on Elm Street from the 1980s.

The introduction of new characters, on the other hand, was the catalyst that brought the show back to its former vitality. The stoner burnout Argyle, who will be portrayed by Eduardo Franco, is one of the most notable new members of the group.

Argyle Is More than Just a Sidekick?

The slacker with the long hair has evolved into what appears to be the show’s sixth source of comedic relief. On paper, it already sounds as if he has no purpose in the plot other than to annoysomely release tension, thus it seems likely that this is the case. However, because to Franco’s hilarious acting and writing that is smarter than the typical sitcom, Argyle is able to break out of his role as a sidekick and become the star of the show.

The introduction that Argyle gives, in conjunction with his theme song “Pass the Dutchie” by Musical Youth, gives you all of the information that you require regarding him. Following the relocation of his family to California, Jonathan Byers, played by Charlie Heaton, makes a friend in this individual. He works as a pizza delivery man, drives like crazy, and is very easygoing, but is kind of absent-minded. All of the identifying characteristics of the archetype of the stoner’s closest friend, much as how the rest of the ensemble fits neatly into other character archetypes from movies from the 1980s.

Argyle, on the other hand, reveals a slightly additional, more conceptual layer with the passing of each episode. This layer is gradually revealed. The more he hangs around with our Stand by Me-styled characters that make up the rest of the ensemble. The less he sticks out simply due to the cool vibes he gives off and the neon attire he wears. He sounds more like he might have written in the 1990s than in the 1980s.

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This distinction doesn’t immediately become obvious to the observer. The stoner comedy genre has undergone significant development throughout the years. When Cheech and Chong were at the height of their popularity, their act was more similar to sketch comedy. The stoner characters who appeared in the mainstream Hollywood films of the 1980s rarely acted in a stoned manner. Always for the sake of comedy, they were written as if they were participating in something much more difficult.

In the film Caddyshack, Bill Murray plays a character who is a stoner; nevertheless, based on his manic behaviour and the intensity with which he pursues the destruction of a rodent, Murray seems to be under the influence of cocaine rather than marijuana. Then, in some other films, individuals who are high are portrayed in a manner as though they are under the influence of LSD or acid. To avoid turning this become a public service announcement about drugs, although back in the day, that is essentially how it was depicted in the media. In the 1990s, the biggest shift was brought about by directors Kevin Smith and Judd Apatow, who put an emphasis on dialogue.

The stoner humor seen in Freaks and Geeks by Judd Apatow and the vast majority of the films in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse saw a transition toward something with a greater emphasis on conversation. At the point in time when these two were beginning to make a name for themselves in Hollywood, the stereotype of stoners being depicted as cartoon characters was on its way out. The stoner kind of comedy evolved into something lot more talky and grounded. All of the other characters in Freaks and Geeks share Argyle’s personality and mannerisms. The jokes were based on the conversation between the characters, as opposed to being organized and leading up to a punchline.

They were funny because of their overall awkwardness and hyper-focusing on ridiculous things. Which led to some of the most memorable moments of 90s comedy. Such as any of Kevin Smith’s extended monologues on the inner workings of the Star Wars world in any of his films. This type of humor became so popular that it still has an effect on stoner comedies. The wackiness of stoner comedy from the preceding decade is less compatible with the world of Stranger Things than the dialogue-based humor that is present here.

However, Argyle’s humor, which is centered on the interactions between characters, is more than just a quirky character trait. The fact that Argyle is a step or two ahead of the other characters in terms of development demonstrates how the program is maturing. It was a stroke of genius to show the show growing up through the most immature character since it makes the theme of this season appear less obvious because of the irony of the situation. A figure like Argyle is virtually required to indicate how the world is progressing.

Regardless of whether these folks like it or not because each character is currently in the midst of a significant turning point in their lives. They each attempt desperately to cling to aspects of their previous life for the sake of comfort. But the more they do so, the more they hold themselves back.

Even more impressively, Argyle is the one who has the foresight to inform Jonathan about what is taking place. Jonathan’s worries over his long-distance relationship with Nancy can be seen through Argyle, who is able to read his mind (Natalia Dyer). He is aware that life is driving a wedge between the two of them. And he understands that the only way for him to mature and advance in his life is to face this issue. Rather than continue to ignore the dialogue that he is having with Nancy.

This is what has allowed Stranger Things to remain popular for as long as it has. They almost never resort to easy solutions like relying on lame jokes and references to keep people interested in what they have to say. The show goes out of its way to make sure that even the silliest characters, like Argyle, have interesting backstories that explain why they are still around.

If Argyle were nothing more than Jonathan’s stoner friend. The program would continue to have the impression that there are excessively many characters. It would be exhausting to have Argyle as just another number added to the roster of sidekicks that appear in the show. But the creative team behind the program found a way to connect him to where the tale was heading conceptually. So, he feels more important than he actually is which a hallmark of great writing is. Also, he feels more important than he actually is.

Argyle Is More Than Just a Sidekick
'Stranger Things' Season 4: Argyle Is More than Just a Sidekick 2

The fact that Argyle is a blazing light is what elevates him above the status of merely being a character stereotype. By the time Part 1 of this season has come to a close, Argyle has evolved into a kind of audience stand-in. As each season passes, his justification for continuing to be there becomes increasingly tenuous, and it is he who is the one pushing Jonathan to move on.

He is the only one of the main characters that maintain a regular demeanor and reacts emotionally to the horrific events. Argyle Is More than Just a Sidekick? While the others have become desensitized to them. He is great, and the show allows him to have a lot more depth as a character than other series would normally provide. Now, all we need is a moment in which Argyle makes a daring breakout from Vecna as “Pass the Dutchie” plays in the background.


What happens when you call Argyle from Stranger Things?

Throughout the entirety of the fourth season, the phone number 805-45-pizza (or 805-457-4992) is displayed on the side of the pizza delivery van. When the number is dialed, it actually connects to a pre-recorded message. According to reports from NME, Argyle is the one who answers the phone and introduces himself before putting you on hold so that he can discuss a complicated order with a colleague.

What race is Argyle Stranger Things?

The Argyle family’s history, as told in the Stranger Things series. The Mexican-American actor Eduardo Franco played the role of Argyle in the Netflix series “Stranger Issues.” At this time, Seasons 1–3 and Season 4, Vol. 1 are available to stream on Netflix, and Season 4 is also available to stream.

What does Argyle say when you call him?

The call is started by Argyle with the statement, “Hello, this is Argyle from Surfer Boy Pizza calling to you. At Surfer Boy, we prepare everything from scratch, with the exception of our pineapple, which is canned. Despite the fact that it is canned, however, I strongly advocate slathering on some juicy pineapple.”

What happened to Argyle at the end of season 4?

Some of the cast members, including the newest addition, Argyle, also go to Hopper’s old cottage in the woods to tidy it up (Eduardo Franco). While Jonathan and Nancy are having their conversation in front of the cabin, Argyle is picking mushrooms from the trees in the immediate area.

Is Argyle’s hair real?

The long hair worn by Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle, is real and is really long. When playing a role, a lot of performers would put on prosthetics or wigs. But the man who played Eduardo Franco in Stranger Things did not require a hairpiece. The locks he has now are his natural hair.

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