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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Reviews: The End Is the Beginning

The Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

When all but the last two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 were released on Netflix on May 27, it was anyone’s guess how series creators the Duffer Brothers were going to answer some of the most important mysteries that had been hovering overhead. The climax of “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” finally provided much-needed context for Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) backstory prior to the events of Season 1, as well as the truth behind this season’s Big Bad, who is known as Vecna, or should we say subject Number One/Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower)?

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Reviews


At the time, it might have seemed like an overly ambitious plan to connect the main antagonist to almost every single piece of the overarching story, especially considering that our main cast of characters is split between three locations this season. However, the end result connects Eleven to Hawkins in a way that is almost inextricably linked to him. By the time the fourth season comes to a close, with “Chapter Eight: Papa” and “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback,” another question has begun to rise above all else: Will Eleven be the savior of this once-quiet Indiana town, or will he be the partial arbitrator of its destruction?

Even while the characters will have most of the answers concerning Vecna’s true past by the time Episode 8 begins. This does not make the creature himself or the threat he poses to Hawkins or the rest of the world. Should he prove to be able to carry out his plan any less terrifying? The fact that it is actually Bower him performing underneath the impressive visual effects makeup that was done by Barrie Gower and his team is a large part of the reason for this.

The end result is a character that has been warped not only by living in the Upside Down for as long as he has but also twisted in his mind in terms of whom he blames for his situation. Vecna’s existence gives a humanized element to the creatures of the Upside Down, as well as a sinister parallel to Eleven and her talents – he is very much who she could have become, if not for the bonds she has made with friends and the family she has built with Chief Hopper (David Harbour).

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Beyond that, however, there are even more realities about Vecna that unwind throughout the course of the final two episodes of Season 4; revelations that put the happenings of the previous three seasons in a completely different light. As far as Eleven’s journey is concerned, everything is able to be neatly connected in a way that speaks to careful plot planning. And is those reveals that are solid enough to leave me entirely convinced that these greater story arcs were embedded in the Duffers’ strategy for this series from the start? This is because the reveals themselves are solid enough to leave me entirely convinced that these larger story arcs were embedded in the Duffers’ strategy for this series from the start.

Given that none of that takes place without first repositioning all of the chess pieces on the board. And taking into account that this season only has two episodes in which to navigate our main cast after they have been dispersed to the four winds. suddenly those extremely lengthy runtimes start to make a lot of sense. Episode 9 clocks in at almost two and a half hours of television. So it was difficult for me to find a place that would have naturally served as a place to break the momentum. (Although I’m not entirely certain that Episode 9 couldn’t have been broken up into two episodes, it clocks in at almost two and a half hours of television.)

Eleven decides to take the rematch between her and Vecna to a different plane altogether. This successfully solves the distance issue and results in some of the season’s best visual elements, as the two do battle while her Hawkins friends orchestrate a plan of their own to hit Vecna right where it hurts. Before any grand reunion can begin to happen, however, the threat of Vecna must be dealt with.

How many people died in Stranger Things 4?

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Spoilers b

There were just two people who passed away in the second volume of the fourth season unless you add all of the unidentified lab workers and troops that were killed in the NINA Project headquarters during the shooting. Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that there were two main characters who did not survive till the end of the story.

Even the most well-thought-out strategies devised by an oddball group of high school students can backfire, as the conclusion of the two-part series illustrates. This is especially true when one is contending with a wide variety of supernatural dangers in Upside Down. There are deaths, but they are ones that are equally expected and not quite as terrible as has been postulated online. This is because the deaths come about more as a natural consequence of the character’s journey rather than as an attempt to give a hollow shock factor.

If you’ve been paying attention to Season 4, then none of the deaths that occur during the course of the season will come as much of a surprise to you. That brings me to a thought that I had while I was watching these incredibly long episodes. Though it is the realization that the upcoming season of Stranger Things (the release date is still to be determined), which will also serve as the conclusion of the show, is going to really have to find more and more ways to raise the stakes. There is a limit to the number of times certain individuals can evade the grips of death before it begins to feel more like a deliberate plot artifice than a decision that would make the most narrative sense as a resolution.

But in the end, it is a testament to the strengths of both the show and its cast that Season 4 is able to maintain moments of hope and poignancy. Even in the midst of larger circumstances that could quite literally signal the end of the world. These moments of hope and poignancy are extended throughout the season. The acting in these last episodes is astoundingly strong; Noah Schnapp, in particular, shines in a couple of situations that are particularly telling of how far he has progressed as an actor over the course of the show.

Although the fact that these encounters happen for Will at the end of the season makes one wish they had occurred for him a little bit earlier, the place where Will’s story concludes then hints at the possibility that Season 5 will really allow his character to come full circle in his journey.

This would include not only his relationships with his close friends and family but also his connection to the otherworldly goings-on in his hometown. Both Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin negotiate the dialogues that take place between Max and Lucas with a combination of reserved maturity and anxiousness that is believable regarding the current state of their relationship.

As Eddie and Dustin’s friendship grows deeper, Joseph Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo provide the episodes with some of the most substantial emotional weight. This contributes to the overall progression of the story. In the meantime, on the adult side of things in Russia, the long-awaited reunion between Hopper and Joyce (Winona Ryder) may leave audiences both fist-pumping in delight and screaming in frustration, depending on the level of hopes and dreams for the natural resolution of that storyline. Winona Ryder plays Joyce, and Hopper plays Hopper.

When the first episode of Stranger Things aired in 2016, there was probably no one who could have predicted the extent to which it would become an absolute sensation, not only in the field of television but in all of pop culture as a whole. Now, after six years have passed, we are getting closer and closer to the finish line, and it is a realization that is both painful and sweet. Season 5, based on how Season 4 comes to a close, has the potential to be even bigger than anything that has come before it.

This will more than likely mean another hefty price tag for Netflix, but it also indicates the possibility of an epic conclusion for a show that has only continued to get bigger and dominate the public consciousness more and more with each passing year. The wait for the final season of Stranger Things may be especially long and trying, but that will just give fans the opportunity to go back and do a series rematch with the entire new context we have. These new contexts include story details that make you realize just how intertwined everything has been from the very beginning.

Where can I watch Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2?


Is season 4 Volume 2 the end of Stranger Things? The conclusion of Stranger Things Season 4 volume 2 has at long last been reached. After making its premiere in late May with seven extra-long episodes, the series came back on July 1 to wrap up with two more extra-long episodes to bring the season to a close (the season finale runs a whopping 2-hours-and-30-minutes). After patiently waiting for new episodes for almost three years, this one did not disappoint. Which is Netflix’s most-watched series of 2022? The most Popular Watched TV show is Stranger Things 4 for 17.57 million hours a week and watched 18.21 million hours a week which is a record.


What happens to Max in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?

To a certain extent yeah when we see Max, she has casts on both her arms and her legs, and Lucas has been telling his pals that Max is in a coma. The Duffer brothers have stated that Max will be alive by the conclusion of the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” but she will be “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones will be broken.” The redhead’s mental state is the central question in this puzzle.

How many views does a Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 have?

According to Nielsen, the two episodes that were a part of Season 4, Volume 2, helped the series expand by more than 150% week over week, reaching 5.9 billion viewing minutes. Because of this, it was able to surpass its twin show on Netflix, The Umbrella Academy, which held the number one spot.

What happened to Max in the end?

Is it true that Max has passed away? Max makes a last-ditch effort to live, telling Lucas that she is “not ready to go,” but she eventually gives up on her injuries and passes away while being held by Lucas. Vecna is able to open the fourth gate and blast a massive hole right through the center of Hawkins as a result of Max’s death.

Is Stranger Things 4 a success?

The most recent season of the critically acclaimed series, Stranger Things 4, recently became the second show in the history of Netflix to accumulate more than one billion hours of viewership.

Did Stranger Things 4 break records?

A total of 335.01 million hours have been watched throughout both Volumes 1 and 2 of Season 4 on Netflix in the past week, setting a new record for the most hours watched in a single week for an English-language television series. The fourth season of the obviously incredibly popular sci-fi show created by the Duffer Brothers made it into the Top 10 on Netflix in 93 different countries.

How many people watched Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?

Season 1 came in at No. 2 with 45,2 million viewers, Season 2 at No. 4 with 41,1 million, and Season 3 at No. 5 (36.6 million). In a surprising turn of events, viewership for Seasons 1-3 climbed when compared to the previous week’s numbers for Season 4.

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