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The relationship between Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci was a mess

Adam Goldberg—not the show creator who dislikes his own show, but the actor who presumably dislikes his ex-girlfriends—appeared on Justin Long’s Life Is Short podcast and chose violence. It’s a wonderful segment if you like Dazed and Confused and the behind-the-scenes activity of that movie. For instance, Goldberg describes how Shawn Andrews and his fiancée, Milla Jovovich, quit the film because they did not get along with Jason London. (which is why Jovovich is in the film but has no lines). In addition, Shawn Andrews was briefly married to Milla Jovovich, who was 16 at the time, when Andrews was at least 20. The wedding was dissolved.

The podcast begins with Goldberg ostensibly discussing his canine, but the discussion soon shifted to what felt like unprocessed fury over his long-term relationship with Christina Ricci. He recalls that “his girlfriend at the time” was frequently out of town and working, and that he and his canine Sheriff grew very close during “the time leading up to her breaking up with me over the phone.” I was expelled from the residence where we had just gotten together, and I took the motherf**king sheriff with me. “Tough s—!”

However, Ricci and Goldberg would get back together. Six months later, she wished to return. It was an act of true masochism. It was all about ego. In fact, she had called me multiple times, but I neglected her and instead purchased a home and put myself back on my feet. “However, she left again!”

The relationship between Adam Goldberg and Christina Ricci was a mess 2

This time, she allowed me to pick her up at the airport, but she broke up with me on the way home from another job. It was stuck in traffic on the interstate. She wanted to wait until we arrived at the house before telling me what was going on, but I was like, “Dude. It will take me forty-five minutes to get home.'”

“All I could say was ‘UNBELIEVABLE,’ but I knew it was true. It was the same couple of weeks of remarking, “Man, these phone calls are so strange!” So I was aware of what was occurring.'”

Goldberg never explicitly states that it is Ricci, but it is clear from the context, not only because the timelines align (it was a five-year relationship that ended in 2007), but also because they are photographed at the airport with their dog Sheriff on the day she dumped him in the car on the way back.

I should mention that Ricci is not Goldberg’s only former partner with whom he had a “tumultuous” relationship. Prior to his relationship with Ricci, Goldberg dated Julie Delpy for several years. During Goldberg and Ricci’s hiatus, Goldberg traveled to France to film Two Days in Paris with his ex-wife, Delpy, who was the film’s director. It was a negative experience.

“It was difficult. It’s extremely freaking difficult… Things deteriorated rapidly… The characters we were portraying were thinly veiled versions of us and our immensely tumultuous relationship from years prior, so it was very natural for us to go two weeks without speaking during the four-week production. I will never comprehend how those sequences were filmed.

“We argued during the Tribeca Film Festival’s Q&A. And not in a humorous manner.”

This is not from Tribeca but from the premiere in Los Angeles. Assume what you will about the body language.

Goldberg, who presently stars in The Equalizer, seems genuinely intriguing, but the first twenty minutes of the interview were reminiscent of a remark from Raylan Givens in the television series Justified.

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