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An American actor Jonathan Majors arrested in New York City for strangling a woman

Jonathan Majors, an actor who appeared in “Creed III,” was detained in Manhattan on Saturday for reportedly strangling his girlfriend during a domestic argument, according to the police.

A 911 call resulted in the apprehension of the Marvel actor at approximately 11:15 p.m. Saturday morning inside of an apartment located near West 22nd Street and 8th Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

The investigation by the police revealed that Jonathan Majors arrested, who is 33 years old, had been involved in a domestic altercation with an unidentified woman who is 30 years old. According to insiders within the police department, the woman in question was Majors’ girlfriend.

The woman went to the authorities and reported that she had been assaulted. She was found to have some slight injuries to her head and neck. According to the police, she was transported to a local hospital where her situation was reported to be stabilized.

According to the authorities, Jonathan Majors was arrested without causing any disturbances and has been accused of aggravated assault, intimidation, and strangulation.

The performer, who two weeks ago served as a presenter at the 2023 Academy Awards, has established himself as a significant figure in recent movies like “Creed III” and the most recent “Ant Man.”

Jonathan Majors an actor who appeared in Creed III
An American actor Jonathan Majors arrested in New York City for strangling a woman 1

According to the officers, he is no longer being held by the police.

According to TMZ’s account, the performer, who was nominated for an Emmy, and his girlfriend got into a fight while they were riding in a vehicle from a club in Brooklyn back to their apartment.

The argument began when the girlfriend of Majors discovered that he was messaging another woman and questioned him about it. According to individuals who spoke to the publication, the thespian became enraged, grasped her hand, and then smacked her.

According to TMZ’s reporting, the woman then stated that Majors placed his hands around her throat. Both parties went their different ways for the duration of the night before she contacted the authorities in the morning.

A representative for Majors told TMZ, “He has done nothing improper. We eagerly anticipate clarifying his reputation and putting this matter to rest. In spite of repeated attempts, we were unable to get a response from him late on Saturday.

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