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Titans Season 1: Recap: Written Update: Finale, Ending Story “The Rise of Trigon”

Titans Season 1 aired on October 12, 2018, and ended on December 21, 2018, while completing 11 episodes.

Titans Season 1: Finale, Recap

By the end, we witnessed that Rachel’s mother has been plotting against her as she’s the one who from the very begining wanted to use Rachel to bring Trigon back in the world. On the other hand, Kory found out that she is Koriand’r and has come from another planet called Tamaran to kill Rachel as Rachel’s the doorway to bring Trigon back.

Meanwhile, titans season 1 Angela, Rachel’s mother put Rachel in such a situation that she had to call her father to help her in saving Gar from death. This is how Rachel was forced to bring Trigon back and there the prophecy got fulfilled which Kory was scared of and tried to stop.

Dick, Kory and, Donna reached there to titans season 1 rescue Rachel but that was too late. Dick entered into the house crossing a shield of shimmering air which brings him into a dream. Simply, the Trigon was playing with his mind and succeeded in doing so. Dick in his dream life, ended-up killing Batman and so in the reality. He turned out to be an evil puppet of Trigon after embracing the darkness being triggered by Trigon.

Titans Season 1 ended with Dick embracing the darkness. And saying Rachel to be a part of this family (Trigon’s evil plan). Dick’s eyes turned black while covering half of his face shocking Gar and Rachel who were stuck in that house. On the other hand, Kory and Donna were unable to cross the shimmering shield. And Hawk and Dove were on their way to ask Jason, the new Robin for help. Ended as Rachel and Gar started running away to save themselves from Rachel’s father and his evil.

It was the rise of Trigon, but who knows how long it will last for.


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