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SPIDERMAN isn’t out of MCU as Sony and Disney are BACK TOGETHER!

Here’s the big-bang news that Spiderman is still the part of MCU as Disney and Sony has struck a deal to bring our Spidey back in Marvel films.

A few days ago, we came across shocking news that Spiderman isn’t a part of MCU anymore as Sony and Disney broke the deal which torn the future of Spidey into pieces as well.

Anyhow, after so many online campaigns such as #SaveSpiderman or #SaveSpidey, and many prayers of the fans, finally, the creators are ready to get back together. Today, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studious stated that Spiderman will continue its journey in MCU. This mesmerizing news came out as a result of the deal between Disney who owns Marvel Studios, and the owner of Sony Pictures, Sony. 

Both of the companies, Disney and Sony decided to bring another Spiderman movie featuring Tom Holland as Spiderman in the leading role. So, in 2021, Spiderman 3 starring Tom Holland will hit hard the screens. 

Moreover, we will get to see Spiderman in other Marvel movies as well as he appeared in Avengers. 

So, be happy Spiderman fans as Spiderman isn’t out of MCU.

Stay tuned to get more updates about Spiderman’s upcoming film.


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