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Black Widow (2020): What David Harbour Says as Red Gaurdian Who’s Same as Captain America?

Black Widow is currently in its production phase and set to release theatrically on May 1, 2020. The Black Widow is set to follow the life of Natasha after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Let’s see how Natasha will stop her past that’s haunting her. Let me tell you that Natasha has been trained at Depart X, in the Red Room where she went through some bio-technical and psycho-technical enhancement procedures leading her to posses long-living powers. Anyhow, she left Red Room and started working somehow against all that after her so-called husband presumably died.

Now, Natasha has come to a point in the film Black Widow where she once again come across her past and have to deal with Red Guardian. Whereas Red Guardian (played by David Harbour) is a Russian’s Captain America version as he possesses somehow same powers as Captain America.

Certainly, it’s gonna be hell intense to follow Natasha The Black Widow’s journey and getting to know how she became a part of Avengers.

Recently, David Harbour who’s playing Red Guardian in the Black Widow wrapped up his shooting.

So, as David Posted on Instagram stating that he has finished shooting for his role as Red Guardian in Black Widow, we can expect that the film has passed almost half of the production phase.

Moreover, there’s another important character of MCU in the film who definitely gonna hype the intensity and sensitize the whole fanbase and that’s none other than IRON MAN.


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