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5 seasons to Binge Watch On Netflix In 2020

5 seasons to Binge Watch On Netflix In 2020

With the current situation Binge Watch on Netflix both outside and inside our homes, why feel trapped in a series of Big Brother? Being cramped up together, 24/7 can get boring quite easily if you have nothing much to share or keep yourself busy with. Which is why it is always essential to have AT&T TV and internet at your home! With AT&T TV, you can stream your favourite on-demand as well as live tv anywhere you wish to! Plus, it comes with about 5000 apps like Netflix and Pandora! Pretty cool, right? If you bundle it with the internet – you won’t only get a discount but also a fast speed internet connection is known to have been ranking as number 1 in customer satisfaction for the last 3 years! If that doesn’t convince someone to switch to a better connection, I don’t know what will.

Anyways, while bingeing my way through these panic-stricken lazy days, I thought why not just share my list with other as well, right?. Naturally, it depends on your taste as well, but so far these seasons have been loved by almost everyone I suggested them to.

1. Money Heist Netflix

Money Heist has done nothing but awakens our spirits with its song of resistance! From wanting Arturito to die in every season to thinking Tokoya is oh so destructive the show is a story about failure and then getting back up piece by piece. The story about groups of people and together in a robbed bank. In the end, those peoples become a part World biggest

When Money Heist show was originally released, it’s viewership plummeted by the end of its second season. They thought it’s done for and there was nothing they could do about it. However, Netflix the heist staff felt differently and bought their show.

Flashing, the show got so much recognition that Netflix had to ask their team to come up with one more robbery, and they did so fantastically. I can’t say much without giving it away but if you haven’t watched it yet – now could be a good time. If you have watched it already – retrace the episodes to see how brilliance comes into existence when we think there’s no way out!

2. Peaky Blinders: Binge-watch on Netflix

There’s just something about gangster based shows or Movies that get’s you hooked. Maybe it’s the thrill, the action or just the amazement of watching someone be so stone cold on the inside.No issue what the reason is, but if you show a good gangster, then you check out small Blinders

It revolves around the Shelby crime family, led by the patriarch Thomas Shelby in post-war Birmingham (UK) in the year 1919. This show portrays all the thrill and suspense as Shelby continues to grow his power and builds an empire, removing any sort of hurdle in his way without a second thought. This TV series has been making highlights because of its strong storyline along with the extraordinary choice of cast.

3. Orange Is The New Black

It surely stands in the list of Netflix’s most popular original series. Orange was highly praised and has received worldwide recognition since the time it debuted in 2013. Now that the show has come to an end after its seventh season the makers are proudly sitting on several Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and wins.The story revolves around P.chamman, because, he is a drug dealer and in this case, he faces jail for girlfriend.

Throughout the show, we get to see serious problems within the US prison system faced by inmates and prison staff. Comedy from the start remains side by side while issues like racial discrimination, overcrowding, guard brutality, and corruption are brilliantly portrayed.

4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror revolving around a group of people, showing the effects of technology on their behaviour and personal lives. Sometimes it could be in a positive way, but mostly it hews towards dystopian fiction. Black Mirror has received many nominations and Oscar Awards including ‘Emmy awards’.

So if you’re a science fiction fan and don’t mind having your brain twisted into a knot and then straightened again. Let me tell you that you won’t be able to get enough of this weirdly awesome show.

5. Narcos Watch On Netflix

Yes, I’m a big fan of true stories and so is the rest of the world. However, it isn’t easy to do justice to a true story. Staying true to the real-life events while making it as enticing as possible for the viewers, who are hooked to fictional shows is one heck of a job that this award-winning show’s team has done amazingly. It has won the hearts of many with its relatable storyline and brilliant cinematography. Narcos story base on a drug kingpin. He is the world richest men through the production of Cocaine worldwide.

Wrapping Up

Be it a weekend, a sick day or just a regular everyday-Sunday, this list has you covered. whenever, you need to binge-watch some high-quality drama, thrill, suspense, excitement or humour on Netflix.  

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