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Russell Brand refutes very serious criminal allegations about his promiscuous past

Elon Musk and Andrew Tate have come to Russell Brand’s defense after he denied “serious criminal allegations.”

Russell Brand has refuted claims of a very grave criminal nature pertaining to his previous activities.

In a video released on X (previously Twitter) on Friday, September 15, Brand, aged 48, said that he had received two very distressing correspondences, namely a letter and an email. These communications originated from a prominent television corporation within the mainstream media and a newspaper, respectively.

Brand further described the contents of these correspondences as a comprehensive and severe series of hostile and offensive assaults. In addition to several imprudent assertions, such as advocating for the discontinuation of my community festival and proposing limitations on my ability to challenge mainstream media narratives on this platform, there exists a series of remarkable and intricately crafted criticisms. However, within this extensive list of accusations, there are certain grave claims that I vehemently deny.

Brand said that the claims under consideration are relevant to the period during which they were engaged in mainstream acting, without providing precise details about the nature of these allegations or their sources.

As widely discussed in my literary works, I engaged in a significant degree of promiscuity. During that period characterized by promiscuity, the relationships I engaged in were consistently and unequivocally consenting,” he said. I consistently maintained a high level of transparency throughout that period, maybe even to an excessive extent. I am now providing full disclosure on this matter. The observation of transparency is becoming a criminal phenomenon, which I firmly refute, prompts me to question the existence of an alternative motive at hand.

Though he did “seriously” refute the “very, very, serious criminal allegations,” Brand said that he doesn’t mind if media publications use his memoirs or stand-up routines to address his “promiscuous, consensual conduct in the past.”

According to several accounts, it has been reported that the accusations are purportedly scheduled to be publicly disclosed during the premiere of the Dispatches program on Channel 4, which is due to take place on Saturday, September 16th.

Based on the TV schedules provided by Channel 4 for next Saturday, it is said that there will be a new episode of Dispatches, which is described as a special edition. A “More Info” button is present along with a 90-minute Dispatches investigation for the user. Presently, the button is in a non-functional state, leading to a redirection to a webpage displaying the message “Page Not Found.” The television program Dispatches is scheduled to be shown at 9 p.m. British Summer Time (BST).

It is reported that they were attributed to both the U.K. TV station and the publications The Times and The Sunday Times. Channel 4, The Times, or The Sunday Times have not officially responded to the allegations.

Brand, on the other hand, refuted the narratives as being untrue. The person argued that it is crucial to take into account the testimony of witnesses whose accounts directly conflict with the stories that these two well-known media outlets are peddling. This concerted effort, from the individual’s perspective, may be seen as an assault. I would like not to go further into this matter due to the gravity of the accusations; nonetheless, I see myself as the target of criticism, and it is evident that they are collaborating closely.

Brand expressed his intention to thoroughly examine the problem, which he acknowledged as being of significant gravity. However, he has not provided any other updates or responses about the claims.

Kirsty Gallacher, the sister-in-law of the actor, has shown her support for Brand in response to the incident. Following the act of uploading a social media video to the Instagram platform on Friday, the individual in question proceeded to repost the same video onto her Instagram Stories, accompanied by the inclusion of a red heart emoji.

In 2017, Laura Gallacher, the sister of Kirsty, was wed by a brand. The individual, who was once married to Katy Perry, is now in a relationship with Laura, and together they have two girls named Mabel, aged 6, and Peggy, aged 4. In June, Brand made a public announcement about their anticipation of the arrival of their third child.

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