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Ricci claims she was blackmailed with legal action as she did not perform “a sex scene a certain style”

The liberties her younger Yellowjackets co-stars enjoy in the current business have “really transformed,” according to Ricci, who said on The View that it’s wonderful to see.

The actress stated on The View that her generation experienced the impact of Hollywood so that their younger Yellowjackets co-stars do not have to.

The two-time Emmy-nominated actress said on Wednesday’s episode of the ABC talk show that she admires the confidence of the actresses who portray the teenage versions of the main cast of the Showtime series, especially after she said she was threatened with legal action over a sex scene when she was just starting out in her career.

“How different do you believe it is for this ensemble, these younger actors, compared to when you were their age?” Sara Haines questioned Christina Ricci, who began her career as a juvenile actress in films such as Casper and The Addams Family.

“It is excellent. We elder females frequently discuss this topic. It’s incredible to see that they don’t necessarily have to experience the same difficulties we did. They can say, “I don’t want to do this intercourse scenario” or “I don’t want to be nude.” “said the 43-year-old. “They can set limits for themselves, something we were never permitted to do. Someone once threatened to prosecute me because I refused to perform this sex scene in a particular style. It’s wonderful to see how much it’s changed.”

Ricci appears on Yellowjackets as the older version of Misty, one of the survivors of an enigmatic aircraft accident that stranded an all-female high school soccer team in a remote forest, whereas Sammi Hanratty portrays the younger version of Misty.

The View continues weekdays on ABC at 11 a.m. ET, whereas Yellowjackets season 2 premieres on Showtime on March 24.

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