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New things happening in the week tenth of pregnancy

Closing of the ninth week has almost zipped off the two earliest months of pregnancy. Now, it is the third month of pregnancy which is probably known as the Tenth Week of Pregnancy. Things are entering into a new shape with the opening of the third month and  Tenth Week. Now, you may be looking somewhat pregnant as the weight chart is increasing.

Probable symptoms of Tenth Week Pregnancy

Tenth Week of Pregnancy is coming to you with some visible and potential symbols that are talking about the unique and strange changes in the body. The new changes will be talking about the strange things happening to you during this phase of ninth week of pregnancy. The new experiences are pretty good to see as these are part of pregnancy tenure.

Let us talk about the new things happening to you during Tenth Week of Pregnancy!

Weight gain during Tenth Week of Pregnancy

Now, you might be holding some extra pounds. It is just because the baby is trying level best to set its position in the uterus. This is allowing you to have an extra level of weight. The new weight addition might be visible on your weight machine as the bump isn’t visible yet!

Swollen veins

As the percentage of blood is incrementing in the body of the mother, this is why the level of blood flow will be increased. It might be making her feel heavy as the circulation of blood is fast and active all the time. It is the actual support system of the fetus; this is why it will continue as it is.

You might observe some swelling in the veins throughout the body during tenth week of pregnancy, specifically the veins of the breast and abdomen zone. It is because the hormonal activity is high so they might be holding a potential flow of blood for the whole time.


Your hormonal activity is incrementing your urine percentage. This was a phase in the previous weeks as well. But here, some additional activity will be the increase in the whitish and yellowish discharge from your vaginal zone. This is another sign of incremented hormonal activity inside the uterus during tenth week of pregnancy.

Heart burning

It may result in the heart burning process. The food carvings and at times, lack of food desires might be giving a jerk to the stomach and digestive system activity.  It is an open symptom of disturbance of the stomach in tenth week of pregnancy.

It can overcome by using some digestive syrup and cola drinks, but it will happen by and by. This can be overcome by incrementing the intake of fresh and chilled milk/ this can be set by using some medication at the time of heartburn during tenth week.

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Gas and bloating

The food carvings are bothering you in many ways. It might lead to the disturbance of the internal as well as external set up of the body. The digestive system disturbances might lead to the gas in the stomach zone. It may cause bloating.

The bloating may be calm down by itself; otherwise, it may lead to the loose motions. This is also a symbol of the internal warmth of the body which will be relieved by the loose motions. It is better to take fresh and healthy food to overcome the issues during pregnancy weeks.


At the time, the loose motions are controlled; you might be facing the issue of constipation. The new issue can resolve by adding more liquid content to your food. This may overcome the problem of constipation in some way.

Nausea and vomiting

It is not a dangerous thing, but may be the percentage of vomiting is increasing. Then you need to share the issue with the doctor. She might suggest you medicine to overcome the issue. Nausea is still there, even in some minor shape but it exists. This might lead to vomiting at times.

Final verdict about Tenth Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an easy-going process. It might be a happy tone at a time while a gloomy one at another time. You need to overcome your mood, food habits, body issues and many more. Your potential work and mindset will lead you to the successful closing of the pregnancy. Week tenth of pregnancy has given you food for thought in many ways. Now, get ready for the week eleventh!

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