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Love Alarm Season 2, What’s Hidden Inside the Love Cards?

Love Alarm, a Korean Romance Drama will once again rob your hearts with its season 2 which will release in the upcoming year. Let’s see what it will bring for its immensely increasing fanbase.

Love Alarm Season 2 will continue the chains of events which the season 1 left off. The confused JoJo will now have to decide who’s her true love, Hye-Young, or Sun-Oh?

As you know, Love Alarm is a tangled love story of a trio, Jojo, Hye-Young, and Sun-Oh who were once also school friends.

Love Alarm basically highlights the impacts of a disruptive application which beeps an alarm whenever someone who loves you come across you within the 10meters range. So, now the Jojo who’s now aware of the fact that both the guys are in love with her whom she will choose?

As Jojo has shielded her love alarm due to which she can’t beep anyone’s love alarm even she’s in love with them, she’s now confused whom she loves, Sun-Oh or Hye-Young?

In Season 1, we saw her looking for and trying to reach the application developer who’s the only person capable of helping her removing the shield from her love alarm.

So, now in Love Alarm Season 2, we will see Jojo reaching the app developer to seek his help and deciding whom she wants to be with.

Anyhow, it’s highly expected that at the end, Jojo will choose the love of her life without the help of the Love Alarm and will go ahead listening to her own heart. 

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