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How to Complete a Social Media Analysis in 5 Steps with NetbaseQuid

If you want to analyze your social marketing campaigns but wonder which metrics to focus on, you’re not alone. Many business owners often find it challenging to track their social marketing efforts in real-time. Keep in mind that social media is one of the critical backbones of marketing that you can use to reach and connect with your consumers. This means that you need to perform a social media analysis to understand your brand’s performance. However, to achieve social media success, you must develop a solid plan that must define your target market, online goals, competitors, and available tools. Check out this guide to learn how to complete a social media analysis effectively.

Create Social Media Goals

To accomplish a successful social media analysis, you must know what your company is looking to achieve with your social media use. It’s important to establish which social platforms you want to analyze. It could be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or others. You should define business objectives, both short-term and long-term. Common social media goals may include expanding the customer base, boosting sales, providing customer support, and increasing brand awareness.

Identify Your Target Market

Your marketing plan should involve defining your ideal market. Ensure you determine your audience base and demographics, including gender, education, age, social status, preferences, attitudes, and beliefs. Track their social media presence to find out which platform they use and how often they spend time on a specific platform compared to others. That way, you will tell the number of consumers using particular social networks.

Check Your Competitors

The next step is to identify and analyze your competitors. You can achieve this purpose by knowing who your target customers are and how they’re using social media. Before you start researching your competitors, ensure you find out if they have a social presence. Once you establish this aspect, you can list all potential competitors and analyze each one’s presence in the social networks they use. Also, check the kind of content they post and how often they do it. Compare your website with the competitors’ to see if they have sharing buttons on their blog posts, white papers, and press releases.

Perform a SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis is critical to achieving an effective social media analysis. It can help you understand your organization’s weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities available that you can leverage as well as threats to monitor. Additionally, performing a SWOT analysis is a great way to analyze your company, differentiate yourself, and choose a niche to compete successfully.

Access the Available Resources

Before plunging into social media analysis, it can help outline your business’s available resources to facilitate your efforts. Analyze the readily available resources and figure out the number of hours you can comfortably spend on social media without straining other responsibilities. Similarly, identify the tools that your company has and the human resources to push the process through. Outlining what you already have for the analysis is crucial as it can help you determine if you’re ready in terms of resources and budget.

Additionally, you can hire a reliable social media analytics company like NetbaseQuid to help you conduct a social media audit to access how best the existing social media works.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is one of the leading social media analytics companies focused on helping businesses achieve their social media marketing goals. They provide valuable insights that boost businesses’ trend analytics, crisis management, competitive intelligence, campaign strategy, and product innovation. Additionally, NetbaseQuid offers accurate and real-time solutions that help companies to understand what the public thinks about their products or services and know their market position compared to competitors.

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