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A Legal Fight over Michael Jackson’s Supposedly Stolen Possessions Has Been Settled!

A Legal Fight over Michael Jackson’s Supposedly Stolen Possessions Has Been Concluded With a Settlement.

The estate of the late singer Michael Jackson has accused Jeffrey Phillips of stealing almost $1 million worth of Jackson’s personal belongings. After his death in 2009, he allegedly went to his house because he was still in love with Jackson’s sister, LaToya. The estate claims that several CDs, DVDs, letters, trophies, and hard drives were taken.

They also claimed that they had taken steps to reclaim the goods and that they suspected Phillips intended to sell them. TMZ has learned that the two sides have reached a settlement, per court filings. The circumstances of their agreement are still unclear. It’s also not apparent whether the estate was successful in retrieving the things.

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The Estate of Michael Jackson Pays Jeffrey Phillips

A touching message from Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson’s son, was also among the things thought to have been taken. The 26-year-old has recently spoken about seeing his father’s battles with his physical appearance. He debunked rumors about his father’s desire to be white by saying that his dad really only wanted to “glow.”

Prince started out by stating that the man in question suffered from vitiligo. It may have even been written up in the autopsy report. The root of the problem is, in my opinion, open to conjecture. However, either vitiligo itself or a form of lupus was what caused the vitiligo. And he was quite self-conscious about his blotchy appearance. Therefore, he attempted to refine his outward look. His imaginative manner of thinking, which I suppose contributed to his “glowing,” is another possible explanation. Is the Michael Jackson estate’s settlement with Jeffrey Phillips acceptable to you? Leave your opinions in the comments, and stay tuned to Newscase for more Michael Jackson news.

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