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Purported boyfriend Britney Spears claims to be a phenomenal woman, according to Paul Richard Soliz

Despite Britney Spears’ breakup with Sam Asghari, her reported boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, had nothing but kind things to say about the pop star.

During an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Soliz gushed over Spears, calling her a “phenomenal woman,” after his own court appearance for reportedly breaking his probation.

“She is a very excellent, optimistic… “She’s a good person,” he said.

The pop diva filed for divorce from her spouse of 14 months on August 16, and Soliz said he still sees her and that “she’s doing great,” but he wouldn’t provide any more information.

He also praised Asghari, calling him a “great guy.”

According to the documents that were acquired by us weekly, Soliz has a history of criminal activity that includes charges for several misdemeanors such as disturbing the peace, child endangerment, and driving without a license, in addition to crimes for possession of a controlled drug for sale and possession of a handgun.

Soliz, who is also a parent, said he wasn’t “really worried about” his pending criminal case and anticipated that it would be dropped. He’s also attending a court-mandated anger management program right now.

He was arrested in December 2020 and charged with felon in possession of a firearm and ammo.

His final punishment was two years of probation and 90 days in prison, and he pleaded no contest. According to the same source, he began working for Spears after his May release.

Soliz was “terminated” from his maintenance job at Spears’ house, from which he had been employed for around two months prior to his late August sighting with the pop star. He repaired things around the house. Things like doorknobs and toilet bowl cleaners,” the informant claimed.

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As a qualified contractor, Soliz also feels a need to rectify any negative connotations associated with his name.

I’m not a terrible guy, to be honest. He said, “I know that people have said things about me in the past and that I have a criminal record. I’m a guy of the working world. I’ve got my own company. What I do is tile, and I’m a licensed contractor.

After Spears and Asghari split up last month, speculation began that Spears’ adultery was to blame. A month after one insider told Us that Spears’ close friends and family would be “really surprised” if she strayed, another claimed that she had an affair with Soliz.

An informant claims, “He was fired when Britney’s team found out they were sleeping together, but then he came back into the picture,” and that Asghari found out about Spears’ alleged adultery through security camera video.

According to the source, Asghari filed for divorce from Spears in August, claiming “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for the breakup. The divorce papers say they split up on July 28, although they were actually filed on July 28. Spears threw a surprise party when the news of their split became public.

When I got inside the car, I realized the photographers had been warned off since the vehicle had never been used before. She posted a video of herself dancing with a bunch of shirtless guys under the caption, “So what does a bitch like me do!!?” on Instagram before deleting the post. “I wear my green outfit to surprise my pals! My favorite guys spent the night at my place, and we played all night.

Spears is still tight with her longtime manager, Cade Hudson, as a third source revealed in August. Spears is also close with her drivers, bodyguards, and “dancers who are either on the payroll or want to be,” the latter group including both paid and unpaid dancers.

“As far as dating goes, Britney just wants to enjoy her freedom and meet hot guys—that seems to be the priority,” the source said of Spears as she adjusted to her new normal after her divorce. “However, it is difficult to predict what Britney will want in the future because her desires change so frequently.”

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