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Lady Gaga’s dogs Reclaimed! Video of the horrific Attack.

On Wednesday 24th Of February 2021, Lady Gaga’s Dogs Walker Ryan Fischer was shot injured and two of her French Bulldogs were stolen Koji and Gustav. The third dog Miss Asia is said to be safe. The incident is said to happen in Hollywood at 9:40 p.m. PT. The suspect used a semiautomatic handgun and disappeared from the scene in a white, Nissan Altima. The terrifying video of Lady Gag’s Dogs walker being shot is out. It demonstrates how the dog walker is crying out in pain after being shot in its chest and arm.

Lady Gaga’s response after the theft.

The popular singer is herself at the moment in Italy shooting for her upcoming video. But was very well aware of the whole incident. She was seen to react and kept updating her reaction through social media on her Instagram account @lady gaga. She wrote down her feelings in response saying her heart is sick to see her beloved family as broken now and prays to get it completed so. Not only this but she had also offered a huge amount of $5000, 000 wholesome to the one who brings her dogs safely back. Lady Gaga’s dogs’ walker has been praised as a forever hero by herself in the caption of her recent post. Where she also showed an abundance of love to him as he risked his life to save her precious family for her.



Why would someone risk its life-stealing French Dogs?

Frenchie’s are known to be expensive for their breed and housing and quality of diet they take. Breeding a Frenchie is a full-time job as they require a special amount of care and attention. They’re said to be quickly growing species as their demand increases. Their friendly active and adapting new habitats behaviour adds to the price more. They require artificial insemination and C-sections in order to give birth so you get what you pay for… their vaccinations are alone so costly to breed them and keep them safe from Frenchie health problems. This sums up the above-stated fact of why the suspect took the risk of stealing these Lady Gaga’s dogs.


Where is Lady Gaga Herself?

The super leading musician is in Rome in order to complete her new movie Gucci, which is said to be about the famous fashion industry. Where lady gaga will be seen playing Patrizia Reggiani ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci. Maurizio had two daughters with Reggiani, but he divorced her for another woman. Ridley Scott is the director of the film, which is based on Sara Gay Forden’s book The House of Gucci: A Dramatic Story of Homicide, Insanity, Charm, and Gluttony. Lady Gaga’s Dogs’ theft has been in the headlines for now long and has distracted her too but now that dogs have been founded so it’s time for relief for lady gaga.



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