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66-year-old Anthony Ciccone, Madonna’s elder brother passes away

Anthony Ciccone, the older sibling of Madonna, has passed away at the age of 66, according to a family member.

Ciccone, one of the celebrity’s seven siblings, reportedly passed away on Friday night.

He reportedly struggled with alcoholism and was destitute for many years, residing under a bridge at one point.

His brother-in-law Joe Henry announced the news on Instagram, along with an old black-and-white photo of him, by stating that he had “departed this earthly plane.”

Henry, who is married to Madonna’s sister Melanie Ciccone, writes, “I’ve known him since I was 15 years old, during the spring of our lives in Michigan, so many years ago.”

His death’s cause has not yet been determined.

Madonna has not commented publicly on Ciccone’s death, but she liked Joe Henry’s Instagram post announcing the news.

Madonna and her siblings grew up in Detroit, Michigan, along with Anthony. Ciccone remained in Michigan while she migrated to New York in 1978 to pursue a career in dance and music.

In 1963, when the children were infants, their mother passed away from breast cancer.

Brother-in-law Henry writes on Instagram that Ciccone had a “complex personality.”

“God knows we tangled occasionally, as siblings do.

“However, I adored him and understood him more than I was occasionally willing to admit. However, adversity passes, and family remains, with palms extended across the table. Then, farewell, brother Anthony.

“I would like to believe that the deity your fortunate mother (and I) believed in is waiting for her to welcome you. At least for today, nobody will convince me to abandon this vision.”

Ciccone estranged himself from his family and had previously accused them of not caring about him.

“In their eyes, I am a non-person, a negative. I’m a humiliation, “In 2011, he told the Daily Mail.

If I were to freeze to death, my family would likely not know or care for six months.

In 2017, he reportedly concluded a rehabilitation programme and reconnected with his family.

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