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Rida Sahibzada: A Brave Lady Of Pakistan

Rida Sahibzada: A Brave Lady Of Pakistan

Pakistan is a Muslim country; people living in Pakistan follow their religion very strictly. They feel pride to adhere to Islamic values and can sacrifice their belongings for the glory of their religion. The culture of Pakistan is a combination of different religious, sectarian cultures and ethnic and the place of women is somehow limited rigidly.

Men in Pakistan dominate women in every aspect. The social structure of Pakistan consolidates and strengthens the power of man, and women leg behind them in the field of hearth, economics, education and political status.  This face of the society arises abundant difficulties for the development of women.

An Inspiration For Asian Women

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In Pakistan society, women are accused of broken marriage. She is ridiculed, insulted and blamed for this.  In most cases men get a new life partner in a few months. But the tag of divorce couldn’t be shrugged off easily from women. That is way, women remain divorced for many years and it takes a long time to get an idea of remarrying.

Rida Sahibzada is the tale of that brave lady, who was born in Pakistan and then moved to the US.

Rida’s Lifestyle And Blogging

She was a blogger who used to post the content about parenting and home decor. Blogging is her passion. Then she got divorced, having a daughter.   Fortunately, she married a man who accepted her child. Her husband proved the best step father. Women in the east, especially in Pakistan are frowned for being divorced and the case goes worst when it comes to children.  Most of the women, that’s why they live alone forever.

So women, in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, even live with cheated partners, abusive marriages but they used to be pressured by their family to keep their marriage.  But, Rida Sahibzada is an exemplary lady who prohibited this scenario and started awareness about the issue.

Social Media Marketing:

As of nowadays, there is a need for every influencer to let people know about their work and projects. As Rida is an inspiration not for only pakistan but also for every asian girl who is suffering and needs guidance. She posts her daily activities and inspirational work on Instagram and holds a very amazing fan following on Instagram. As a person she is a living example of a successful and hardworking woman from Pakistan.

She didn’t only performed her activities but also posted them on social media. You can check out her Instagram about her daily posts and activities https://www.instagram.com/ridaalisahibzada/

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