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Margot Robbie Is Expecting Her First Child with Her Husband, Tom Ackerley, and She Is Pregnant

“Margot Robbie” is expecting a child! Multiple sources reveal that the 34-year-old Barbie actress and her husband Tom Ackerley are expecting their first child.

Robbie and Ackerley, both 34 years old, first crossed paths in 2013 while filming the WWII drama Suite Française. Robbie was an assistant director, while Ackerley was an actress.

They later tied the knot in a small ceremony in Byron Bay, Australia, in December 2016. Before their wedding, the couple kept quiet about their engagement.

Along with Robbie’s childhood friends Sophia Kerr and Josey McNamara, Ackerley and Robbi formed the production firm LuckyChap, where they all worked as friends initially.

Robbie has been in a number of the company’s films and TV shows, including Birds of Prey, Barbie, I, Tonya, and Birds of Prey.

In an interview with The Sunday Times last month, Ackerley discussed the delicate balancing act between his personal and professional life with Robbie.

“We spend 24 hours a day together,” the man said. “It is seamless. We don’t have a toggle on or off. It’s all turned into one thing.”

How much is Margot Robbie’s husband worth?

Tom Ackerley’s net worth has grown to $4 million during his acting and production careers. On the other hand, his wife Margot Robbie has earned much more than that. Margot’s net worth is $60 million.

What movie made Margot Robbie famous?

The film that catapulted Margot Robbie to popularity was The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). While she had previous roles, her performance with Leonardo DiCaprio in this Martin Scorsese-directed picture earned her widespread fame and critical praise.

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