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“You” Season 3 On Netflix: But When? Get The Latest Updates!

One of the famous shows “You” has finished all the eight episodes of season 2. Now fans are expecting more from the series in season 3. Netflix is giving the online streaming of the show.

This show purely Netflix portrays the pitfall of Millennials all around the world especially in third world countries like India where social media has made you believe that Delhi and Mumbai are like the next NYC or Cali’ and hook-ups are NBD which might not be in the moment, but down the line you know, they’re and there are millions living examples right in front of you!

However, Penn Badgley is Netflix going to be the part of amazing entertainment today and hinting about season 3 in his gossips.

Why fans like the guy in this “YOU” series because not to fall for this type of a person again ever in my life, who would have you like a guy. And he’ll Netflix make his life’s mission to solve all her problems. Her daddy didn’t and don’t care, but you do, you want to fix her, you don’t want her to take any responsibility as an adult. Because she makes you believe in hearts that she needs you as her savior. Moreover, she’s a damsel in distress and she’s brainwashed with shows like these and so are you.

She seeks all the attention and drama. She is always crying about how bad her life is, how unfair the world is? And how she won’t deserve you, Netflix how her friends only use her to fill the void. But more adventure will hint for the third season. I will inform you about the final decision later on the same channel.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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