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What Happens To Lucas In Stranger Things Season 4?

What Happens to Lucas in Stranger Things Season 4? The answer opens with the breakup news that Max and Lucas are no longer together. She has cut herself off from her friends as she deals with the fallout from season 3 and mourns the passing of her stepbrother.

Is Lucas from Stranger Things dead?

He feels sad when he believes Will is dead, but once Eleven proved he is still alive he is eager to find him.

The jock Jason, who is certain Lucas and his buddies are members of a satanic cult, must be defeated during the last battle when Lucas is left alone. When Max is slain and then revives in front of Lucas, he manages to survive.

It signifies something to Lucas and to the audience when we see Jason (Mason Dye) beating Lucas unconscious in the climactic episode after trying to reason with him and then fighting back and winning.

What Happens To Lucas Stranger Things Season 4

The core cast of Stranger Things is famous for being huge. The cast appears to get bigger and bigger every season, and in many ways, that’s a large part of what keeps the program endearing. I’m not sure whether I would have even continued watching if we had continued to follow Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) season after season. Part of what makes the program so enjoyable to watch is the time it devotes to all of its supporting characters, even though it does cost money.

It makes sense that as a cast grows, occasionally some characters’ stories can be sideline while others take center stage. The Stranger Things writers generally do a wonderful job of giving each character their moment in the spotlight, but not when it comes to Lucas. It doesn’t seem like ever found Lucas to be at all compelling. He has virtually always been obnoxious, unimportant, or both.

According to collider:

Lucas chastises Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) a lot in the first seasons and not very much. Lucas is theoretically considered the most pessimistic or realistic character. The one who kept the gang grounded, but this rarely happened to the desired outcome. Lucas receives some attention in the second season thanks to his gradually growing friendship with Max (Sadie Sink). Overall, he was still of the opinion that it wasn’t all that significant other than building a bridge for Max to join the gang. Mike is connected to El, Dustin is connected to Dart, and Will is connected to inverted (his Demodog) Lucas doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the story itself. He seemed to lose it in season three.

We finally get Lucas’ believable and significant storyline and characters in Season 4. The writers give Lucas a compelling and relatable fundamental dilemma in the first episode: “Yes, but maybe we don’t have to be [nerds and freaks]… I’m tired of being teased. He confessed to Mike and Dustin, “I’m tired of feeling like a failure. For three seasons in a row, Lucas was essentially a ride-hailing service. And he never seemed to have any other motivations for doing anything. He follows in the footsteps of his friends. But for the first time in the entire run of the show. Lucas can see to actually make decisions, have objectives, and work toward them in Season 4.

In Stranger Things 4, Lucas had one of the best Storylines!

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Lucas struggles with his choices. He is there with a new group of people and is missing his comrades. Eventually, this group (the basketball team) begins looking for the gang.

Lucas Stranger Things Season 4

It would have been simple for the authors to have Lucas rejoin the gang when Vecna (Jimmy Campbell Power) caused a problem. But instead, they put him in a precarious scenario, where he must pretend to be pursuing the gang in order to defend them. In order to rescue his pals before ultimately breaking up. Lucas gives the basketball team a red herring, which demonstrates just how to stunt we’ve ever seen in Lucas.

As the story concludes, we witness the culmination of Lucas’ conflict with his buddies over the popular group. Why Weird Things Happen Coming-of-age stories have often used monsters and sci-fi themes to represent youth difficulties. At this point, Lucas was no more accurate in his statement. Before this dismissive, fixated, and polite individual, Lucas spends his entire childhood. Lucas struggles with it and seeks an escape, whilst the rest of the group seemed to have come to terms with the ongoing bullying. He meets the bullies who have called him an eccentric. His entire life as he joins the basketball team and blends in with the jock gang.

What Happens To Lucas In Stranger Things Season 4?

The jocks used to want to beat up Lucas’ original friends, the freaks, but now they want to murder them. As a result, Lucas and the crowd understood what was happening. When they saw Jason (the mason dye) beat up Lucas pointlessly in the last episode. Lucas had tried to argue with Jason before finally fighting back and winning. Lucas was battling not only Jason but also the bullies who had always targeted him. The people he had always wanted to be but now realized it was pointless to attempt to become.

That’s it, not even mentioning his season-long quest to repair his bond with Max. Since Mike himself seemed like an ignorant lover in Season 3. Most of the season was spent giving him lousy relationship advice (to be fair, he was 14 at the time, so it’s difficult to expect much better). Even still, in Season 4 Lucas comes across as a person we can root for who is more emotionally mature and genuinely wants to be there for Max. In many respects, Season 4 makes Season 3 more significant to Lucas in hindsight.

We want Lucas to succeed in part because we can see that he has matured from the young child he once was. He’s willing to give Max the type of genuine support you need when it comes to your emotions. Lucas is the one who is familiar with Max’s favorite song in Episode 4 when she is going to pass away. Lucas is there for him when he must accept death as bait for Vecna. And Lucas is the one who stays with her when she ends up in the hospital. Despite the fact that he will probably need medical attention following his altercation with Jason.

Final Thought

We got to see a new side that what happens to Lucas in stranger things season 4. He has a new side to him that isn’t necessarily out of character. Instead, it’s the direction of all his internal conflicts and redeeming traits, which we only had before. The character of Lucas has developed significantly from season to season. Since actual hardship and progress are something Lucas has always missed in earlier seasons. The writers of spades delivered it to him this time around. Up until this point, when the show’s makers finally gave Lucas his due. Lucas has the potential to be interesting but never gets the chance.

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