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When Microblading Goes Wrong: Recollection of Microblading Horror Stories

Our hair used to be the crowning glory – it symbolizes health and personality, so we ensure that it always looks its best. However, even if you have “the hair”, but not the best eyebrows, something would still be amiss on your face. That’s where microblading goes wrong.

Microblading is the process of semi-tattooing, where pigments are deposited onto your skin by applying pigments into your skin with the use of a microblading pen. A microblading practitioner would use the pen to cut through the epidermis layer of your skin and deposit the pigments in there. Compared to getting permanent tattoo brows, they are less painful, and they don’t last forever. If done well, they look amazingly natural, realistic, and fuller brows.

The process starts with the artist checking your face’s size and shape to ensure that the brows they’ll draw suit you. With the process and result, microblading does not come cheap. Despite the price ranging from $500 – 2,000, it still became the most popular way to fix many famous people’s brows.

But what if microblading goes wrong? Oh, it does! And there’s a lot of them. Your dream brows can turn into your worst nightmare. Here’s a recollection of microblading horror stories, why it happened, and how to avoid them.

Botched Brows

This can be your worst nightmare. Fox4kc.com reported one woman from Kansas City, Missouri, thrilled to go through microblading after her daughters gifted her with a Groupon coupon. However, upon looking at the mirror, Ledbetter found her eyebrows completely disfigured.

She used to date a guy but stopped dating her at that point, she told the news outlet. Ledbetter later found a technician who promised to camouflage the disfigured brows. But then again, it looked even worse after six weeks that left her devastated.

Luckily, Ledbetter found a licensed and insured tattoo artist who could fix the problem. After spending $1,000 and two-three treatments, the once disfigured brows are now fully fixed.

Getting an Allergy Reaction

A Reddit user wrote about getting redness, bumps, and swellings caused by an allergy or an infection.

If you got a client experiencing allergic symptoms, the best thing to do is to consult their physician the soonest possible. An unsanitary practice does not cause an allergic reaction, but it is crucial to discuss this before the treatment even starts.

Getting an Infection

Another one from Reddit posted about microblading caused her allergic reaction. She was vacationing in the Middle East when she decided to visit a salon owned by her cousin. The next day when she woke up, she found blood and pus (the thick, yellowish liquid produced in infected tissue with dead white blood cells and bacteria) on her pillow.

Thinking that it was a part of the healing process, she did not bother to fix it right away because there was no itchiness. That evening, however, another batch of pus dropped onto her eyelid, that they decided to go to a hospital. It turned out to be an allergic reaction to inks that contain nickel that was later cured by a hydrocortisone shot.

An allergic reaction can go hand in hand with infection. The clients will notice an odor coming from the brow area, and if not treated well, the infection can become severe, with the swelling extending to the eyelids.

An infection is caused by artists not following sanitation guidelines. Or it is perhaps impacting an open wound. It’s always recommended that artists take before and after photos of past clients in such cases. Also, make sure that the area does not have any open wounds. This needs to be explained thoroughly with your clients. Tell them what they can or cannot do before, during, and after the procedure.

Go over your sanitation checklist once again because you don’t want to miss out on anything. Before to use tools make sure your hands are sterilized. Wear new gloves and check the environment where you do your treatment. Again, it’s best to refer them to a physician who can prescribe them the best solution.

Getting a Permanent Eyebrows Instead

Another Reddit user posted her attempt at laser tattoo removal that took years. It was because an artist cut her too deeply, giving her a permanent tattoo! The ink entered the dermis that left her skin blue-gray. The solution was a painful process, with her having to shave her eyebrows off every laser session.

Wrong Color, Size, and Shape

Shannon Bozell finally took the plunge and got herself through microblading that costs $350. Unfortunately, the final result left her distraught upon seeing “big caterpillar eyebrows” that are too big for her face. She even had to change her hair color to cover them up.

Another woman from Kalamazoo, Michigan, told CBS Austin how she got a lot darker and bigger brows than expected. She also needed to dye her hair dark to help her cover the damage.

One of the causes of having the wrong color, size, and shape could be a miscommunication with the client. Before starting the treatment, artists must clearly outline the procedure, the shape, and size and ensure that the client knows what they’re getting.

The artist outlined the brows on her face, to which Shannon confirmed that she agreed to the size and shape of it but did not really understand what she was looking at. After Shannon’s photos went viral on social media, the salon owner hit back on Facebook, stating that her business is her everything. She refused to refund, she also tried to book Shannon for further treatments, but the latter declined. The salon owner later deleted the post.

Other Stories

There are a lot of horror stories when microblading goes wrong. Some women expected to have natural-looking brows only to get the complete opposite. Some were left with visibly drawn on brows, while others got red lines etched into their faces. Looking at these pictures, they look so scary that you wouldn’t wish it to anyone.

When Microblading goes wrong, it’s difficult to hide bad eyebrows. Still, prevention is always better than cure, so keep a microblading manual to ensure that you do not miss out on anything. Remember that microblading can be life-changing to you, your career, and your clients if it is done right.

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