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Who dies in “Stranger Things” Season 4?

Characters who dies in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2, have finally arrived to put us all out of our misery after weeks of speculation, and discussion. And even the creation of ranking lists that are most likely to die. Other players get hurt badly, which sets up important storylines for the next season, but some of the characters in the book really do die in horrible ways. Thank God, none of those individuals are Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). Unfortunately, some of the worst concerns of many fans were still realized, and the conclusion is painful to watch because of the deaths of other beloved characters.

Serious spoilers ahead!

The final episode of Stranger Things season 4—which debuted on Friday, July 1—might just be the most frightful one yet.

Vecna, a horrific new antagonist who resembles Freddy Krueger and feeds on psychological pain, as well as some graphic, horrifying memories of Eleven’s time at the Hawkins National Laboratory, is a new threat to the series. For example, hello, Demo Bats, and this time, there’s plenty to keep you up at night.

Naturally, some deaths are involved in all of those surprises and frights, but which characters will suffer a tragic end this season? The first seven episodes of Stranger Things season 4 alone have had more than a few close calls with death. Mind you, we still have to wait for two more episodes of the season, which will premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 1.

In fact, given how much the Stranger Things cast has grown over the years, it’s almost become a running joke. Because there were so many of us last night, we were unable to take even a single group photo. Star Millie Bobby Brown made light of the situation in an interview with The Wrap on May 022. “We must adopt a Game of Thrones mentality. They attempted to assassinate David [Harbour], but they brought him back instead!

Weren’t other characters as fortunate? Here are some of the characters from Stranger Things season 4 who we had to bid a sad farewell to and who we could see again in season 5.

Who Dies In Season 4 Of Stranger Things:

Does Max Die In Stranger Things 4?

On Stranger Things, Sadie Sink’s character Max Mayfield hasn’t exactly had it easy lately. Her older stepbrother Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), who was possessed by the terrifying Mind Flayer in the previous season, offered himself to the monster in order to save El, Max, and the Hawkins crew after Eleven reminded him of his humanity.

Since Max spends a significant portion of season four grieving Billy’s passing, Vecna, the season’s villain, can prey on her. After some investigation, the crew learns that Max’s headaches, nosebleeds, and nightmares are indeed signs of Vecna’s curse. Victims only have a few hours to live once the symptoms start.

Writing farewell letters to her friends in Hawkins and even to her deceased brother, Max is ready for the worst-case scenario. However, she soon falls under Vecna’s control and is dragged Upside Down. However, thanks to a tip Nancy and Robin received from Victor Creel, the group is able to free her from Vecna’s control by playing her favorite song, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” from the Stranger Things soundtrack.

who died in Stranger Things season 4

In order to keep Vecna at bay for the remainder of season 4 part 1, Max keeps her tape player close by and is seen doing so repeatedly. However, in the season’s final episode, Max uses her as bait to divert Vecna while the rest of the Hawkins gang formulates their strategy to eliminate him. However, Vecna takes control of her during this process, snapping her limps and stealing her sight.

The chances for our resident Kate Bush admirer seem poor “I’m really terrified. I want to live, but I’m so afraid. I’m not prepared “She sobs while in Lucas’ embrace, but Eleven summons Max using her abilities and their mutual memories. In the climactic episode, Lucas says, “She passed away,” as Max lies unconscious in the hospital. “I’m talking formally. But later, she returned. Doctors are unable to. It is deemed to be a miracle.”

So, Max is technically still alive at the end of the season, albeit he may not be in good health. Will she recover from her coma in time for season five of Stranger Things?

Does Nancy Die In Stranger Things 4?

who died in Stranger Things season 4

Nancy Wheeler (Natalie Dyers) plays an amateur detective for the majority of season 4, looking into Chrissy Cunningham’s death with student reporter Fred Benson and locating Victor Creel by pretending to be a college psych student with Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke).

Nancy runs into trouble while conducting yet another round of research: after tagging along with Steve into the Upside Down, Nancy becomes possessed by Vecna and is unable to accompany the rest of the gang to safety. The creature is actually Henry Creel, Victor’s son, who murdered the rest of the Creel family in the 1950s. She is then forced to confront her own traumas including the death of her best friend Barb Holland in season one. She also obtains insight into Vecna’s own memories.

Nancy’s future is uncertain going into the season four finales because we left her stuck in the Upside Down under Vecna’s control. But unlike Steve, she makes it through her meeting with Vecna at the Creel House and returns unharmed to Hawkins.

Does Steve Die In Stranger Things 4?

who died in Stranger Things season 4

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Max may be Vecna’s primary target. But she is by no means the only character to be in danger. In episodes six and seven, everyone’s favorite babysitter and hair god Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) comes dangerously near to passing away.

Steve offers to go scuba diving at Lover’s Lake to get a better idea of what’s going on when he, Nancy, Robin, Eddie, and the newcomer try to locate “Watergate,” an underwater portal to the Upside Down. Vecna naturally uses this chance to drag Steve all the way Upside Down. Where the Demo Bats assault him nonstop. Fortunately, Nancy, Eddie, and Robin follow Steve through the fence and drive the bats away after he sustains critical injuries.

The party is led back to the actual world with the aid of Dustin, Lucas, Erica, and a helpful Lite Brite, but just as Nancy and Steve are about to leave the Upside Down, she is taken over by Vecna, and we end season 4 part 1 with the two still trapped there.

But happily, for those of you Harrington fans, Steve does make it out of the Upside Down alive. Including the terrifying portion of the plot where he, Nancy, and Robin head up to the attic of the Creel House to use burning Molotov cocktails to seriously hurt and weaken Vecna.

Does Hopper Die In Season 4 Of Stranger Things?

who died in Stranger Things season 4

Jim Hopper (David Harbour), in the season three finale of Stranger Things, appeared to give his life in the lab explosion to shut the Mind Flayer’s gate. Fans learn that Hopper actually escapes the explosion in episode 2 of season 4, only to be captured by Russian guards, held captive in a labor camp, and subjected to torture in order to learn more about the gateway.

At the camp, Hopper asks Dmitri (Tom Wlaschiha), a guard, to assist him in escaping in exchange for money. Hopper gets away for a while after he talks to Joyce and Murray, but both of them are eventually caught.

Fortunately, this is Hopper’s second time facing the monster and he puts down the Demogorgon, bringing him and Dmitri to safety. A group of convicts, including Hopper, are made to engage in a gladiatorial battle against a Demogorgon that the Russians have in their custody. Hopper is still alive and reunited with Joyce (Winona Ryder), who traveled all the way to Russia with Murray to save him, at the end of season 4’s first episode.

Stranger Things of course never makes things simple. So before Hopper can fly home with Joyce and Murray and be reunited with the Hawkins kids, he has to engage in a sword fight with a Demogorgon and break back into the prison to destroy Upside Down particles.

Does Vecna Dies In Stranger Things Season 4?

who died in Stranger Things season 4

By the end of season four, the gang hasn’t completely defeated Vecna, but Steve, Nancy, and Robin’s Molotov cocktail party have left him with serious injuries. The youngsters go to see if he’s officially dead after Nancy’s shotgun blast sends him flying out of the Creel residence, but his body has vanished.

Will (Noah Schnapp) later admits that he can still feel Vecna’s presence in the finale when everyone is reunited. And it appears that he is correct because the season’s last image depicts terrifying indications that the Upside Down has entered Hawkins.

Does Eddie Die In Stranger Things 4?

who died in Stranger Things season 4

Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, is the newest member of the Hawkins team for this season. Early in season four, Eddie is thrust into the monster mayhem and forced to personally witness Chrissy Cunningham’s demise at the hands of Vecna. Eddie is forced to go into hiding for most of the season because everyone in town is blaming him, and Chrissy’s boyfriend Jason and his basketball team friends are specifically looking for him.

In their quest to find Vecna, Eddie teams up with Steve, Nancy, and Robin. He even jumps into Lover’s Lake and the Upside Down to save Steve from the Demon Bats. Although it is a risky adventure, Eddie and Robin are able to depart an alternate reality almost uninjured thanks to Dustin and the company’s rapid thinking.

Unfortunately, our favorite metalhead does lose his life during the epic Vecna battle after sacrificing himself to a swarm of Demo Bats to allow his companions more time to defeat Vecna and eventually pass away in Dustin’s arms.

What About Everyone Else In Stranger Things?

At the conclusion of season four, thankfully, the Party members and the remaining members of our beloved Hawkins community are still alive. But there are numerous casualties all along.

The first is Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien), the head cheerleader at Hawkins who is extremely well-liked and dies in episode one after being subjected to Vecna’s curse.

Then, when he and Nancy were investigating the Forest Hills Trailer Park, the scene of Chrissy’s murder, Vecna also killed Fred Benson (Logan Riley Bruner) Nancy’s friend. A coworker from Hawkins High School’s The Weekly Streak newspaper.

In episode 5, Patrick McKinney (Myles Truitt), a different Hawkins student, also meets Vecna’s demise. And in the season’s climax, Jason Carver (Mason Dye), Chrissy’s boyfriend and a teammate of Lucas’ loses his life following a confrontation with Lucas when a portal to the Upside Down opens directly beneath him. Jason had been hunting down Eddie all season because he believed he was responsible for Chrissy’s murder.

In a flashback, we also witness the 1950s murders of Virginia (Tyler Rushing) and Alice (Livi Burch), members of Henry Creel’s family, at the Creel House, which occurred before Henry was sent to the Upside Down and changed into Vecna as we know him today.

Dr. Martin Brenner, however, is the most significant figure to perish in the season four finale (Matthew Modine). Brenner attempts to flee through the desert while carrying Eleven during a raid led by Lt. Col. Jack Sullivan (Sherman Augustus) but is shot by a helicopter sniper. Brenner eventually passes away from his wounds, despite Eleven’s use of her abilities to bring the chopper down.

The Duffer Brothers have some breaking news for you if you believe it to be a fake-out: “Genuinely this time. He’s done, “Brenner’s impending death was the subject of a joke on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast.” The famous characters who die in Stranger Things season 4 are discussed in the article. Additionally, you can watch the final episode of Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix.

Netflix now offers Stranger Things season 4’s full nine episodes for viewing.

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