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What BBC Web Streaming Service iPlayer is Offering You to Watch?

The Web Streaming Service of BBC, iPlayer is now offering you to watch plenty of your favorites and some new shows.

Along with watching the iconic series and shows of BBC, now you can watch all those TV series that have stolen your hearts. BBC iPlayer is now here to provide you a golden opportunity to stream your favorite and desired shows.

BBC is currently working on it and here’s a list of your favorite series that you can watch on BBC iPlayer.

Peaky Blinders Season 5

The list starts with one of your most-favorite crime thriller that is none other than Peaky Blinders. You can watch Peaky Blinders Season 5 on BBC iPlayer. Every Sunday iPlayer will drop a new episode of the series.

The Left Behind (2014)

The second one is ” The Left Behind ” that ranks on top of the Crime-Fantasy of BBC. Now, you can watch the whole bundle of its episodes on BBC iPlayer.

This Country (Season 1-2)

Now you can stream both of the seasons of British Sitcom, The Country, on BBC iPlayer. The sitcom originally aired on BBC Three. Now, the whole bundle of 13 episodes is available on iPlayer so go ahead and let it make you LOL.

Millie Inbetween (Series 1-4)

The British Children Sitcom that follows the life of a 12-years old girl now available on BBC iPlayer. You can watch the whole bundle of the series consisting of all its seasons with just a single click.

Flatmates (2019)

Tallulah Greive, Richard Wisker, and Theo Stevenson reprising their roles from Millie Inbetween starred Flatmates. You can watch them in their teens presenting a whole new bundle of laughter on iPlayer. All of the six episodes of Flatmates are now available.

Clique (Series 1-2)

The psychological thriller, Clique is now streaming on iPlayer. So, you can watch its Series 1 and 2 both on it. As the future of the thriller drama is promising, we can hope for another series/season of Clique to hit hard our screens in 2020.

Moreover, BBC iPlayer owns a vast library containing a number of remarkable shows. 

Stay tuned to know more about iPlayer.


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