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The last episode of ‘Succession’ is a eulogy for a meme account that has kept us entertained!

Anna Golez discusses her No Context Succession meme account, which has enraptured the HBO show’s fanbase, and explains why Kendall will emerge victorious.

ANNA Golez, 33, created the No Context Succession Twitter account in July 2019 to cover a vacancy in her own fandom and interest. After her other beloved HBO series, Veep, ended in May 2019, Golez turned her attention to Succession because she “wanted something to fill the Veep-shaped hole in my heart.”

Because she was aware that the creator of Succession, Jesse Armstrong, had written for Veep, and because she had seen a lot of people tweeting about the program, she decided to give it a try.

Golez, who followed other social media accounts with a “no context” theme, claims that she was motivated to launch her Twitter prior to the debut of Season Two of Succession because she believed that the writing and material on Succession would make for interesting response memes.

Twitter images from the No Context Succession meme account.

Golez reveals Rolling Stone, “She just really liked the show, and she thought it would be funny to make a meme account out of high-end TV, and people seemed to like that idea.” “She was looking for other no-context Succession accounts, and when she couldn’t find any,  decided she might as well start one herself.”

Golez began posting images of imaginary interactions with characters Logan (Brian Cox),  Shiv (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and of course, cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun). In the beginning, she thought she was just sharing the memes with herself and a small group of followers. Now, though, the account has almost 300,000 followers and has become a go-to for fans after each new episode.

“It’s cool to see that account get a lot of attention, and it’s been really crazy to see how popular the show has become,” she adds. To this day, “it’s still kind of surreal.”

Succession has established itself as must-see Sunday night TV over the last five seasons. Golez, a Filipina, tunes in on Monday mornings, local time, to catch the program. She claims to watch each episode twice: once for personal reasons, and once more so she may snap screenshots to share on Twitter.

“The dialogue and language that the writers use in Succession is so unique and the slurs are so colorful,” Golez explains. She finds herself drawn to those lines because of their originality.

Golez, aware that this is the show’s last season, says she feels more pressure than usual to promptly publish the account’s greatest words. Thankfully, the program provides her with a wide variety of choices. Screenshots of Alan Ruck’s Connor stating, “He never even loved me,” regarding his father; Matthew Macfadyen’s Tom telling his separated wife Shiv, “You’re scheduling your grief?; and Shiv declaring, “I am hot shit and I am ready to go, alright,” have all been tweeted by her this season.

Golez claims that the conversation in Succession is what makes the program stand out, and she uses Twitter quotations and discussions to gauge audience interest.

It has an air of Shakespeare about it. “It’s very poetic, even though the characters are constantly saying horrible things,” adds Golez. I found the use of language to depict the characters’ development to be very intriguing. Kendall has been paraphrasing Logan a lot lately, saying things like, “I do everything I do for my kids.” That’s a phrase Logan often used.

Golez finds value in the No Context Succession fandom because she claims, she has no real-life friends who share her enthusiasm for the show. Having the support of those who share her interest via her Twitter accounts is something she values much.

Golez adds, “When she is able to check her mentions, it is entertaining to see people debating the characters and the possible outcomes of their stories on the show.” “The fandom is as vibrant and varied as the show it supports.”

Since Logan’s untimely demise in this season’s third episode, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman has gone through ebbs and flows as they vie for the position of CEO of Waystar Royco. There is just one more episode left, and the siblings are still fighting and trying to figure out what life will be like for their business now that Logan has gone.

After the series finale airs on Sunday, May 28 for 90 minutes, Golez says she’ll be taking a sabbatical from social media. Golez admits that she is unhappy that the program is ending, but that she has enjoyed the last season of Succession. While she’s prepared for anything, she’s still hopeful that the show’s conclusion will satisfy fans like her.

“Of course, she’s disappointed that it’s ending,” she replies with a shrug. The authors, though, have my full confidence; they know what they’re doing. In the hands of the authors, she knows that we’ll accomplish it.

Golez believes Kendall will emerge victorious, “but in a way that doesn’t feel like a real victory.” In comparison to his siblings, Logan seems to be taking after his father the most. Golez notes that the last sequence of last week’s episode, in which Kendall is alone with his driver and confides in him like Logan did with Colin, his bodyguard, towards the end of his life, brought back memories of Logan for her. In fact, before he passes away, Logan tells his kids, “You’re such fucking dopes. Neither of you can be taken seriously. I care about you, yet you’re not serious. (The second part of the phrase was even memed by Golez.)

“Now Kendall has no one he can confide in. She explains, “His ex-wife and children are out, his siblings are out, and he has no contact with any of them.” Like Logan, I believe Kendall will always take charge, but he will never achieve the closeness he seeks inside his own family. For Kendall, it’s all or nothing. I have a hunch that Kendall will ultimately succeed, but that his reign at the pinnacle will be alone.

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