The Flash Season 7 Trailer Left Potential Clues About Iris’ Escape From Mirror World?

The Flash Season 7 is all set to premiere in January 2021 to conclude the sixth season and begin a new chapter. According to The Flash Season 7 Trailer, in the upcoming season, we will get to see various ebbs and flows in Barry’s life including the inability to find Iris. However, eventually, Iris will manage to get out of Mirror World on her own. 

Before going ahead to know how Iris will manage to get herself out of the mirror world, we would like to provide you with a recap, and review of the trailer of The Flash 7. 

What Happened At the End of The Flash Season 6?

Where The Flash Season 6 was supposed to end after 22 episodes, there, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, COVID-19, the creators had to wrap it up with the 19th episode. The Flash Season 6 left us wondering how Barry will stop Eva and find Iris meanwhile coping with his speed loss? Will he be able to make an artificial speed force? Will he get to know about Iris’ whereabouts? Everything was so messed up at the end of The Flash Season 6 that we all were disappointed when the creators decided to conclude without putting an end to Eva’s evil plans. 

The Flash Season 6 ended with Eva killing Carver and framing Sue for his murder. Moreover, she revealed herself in front of the public claiming that she was held captive and Carver sacrificed his life to save her. The very last thing that we witnessed in The Flash Season 6 was Iris inexplicably vanishing due to neural dissonance.

What will happen in “The Flash Season 7”?

By the end of the sixth season following Eva’s so-called victory, Team Flashed vowed to rescue their friends from the mirror world amidst defeating Eva. So, about what will happen in The Flash Season 7, we are cent percent sure that its first 2-3 episodes will focus on putting an end to Eva’s story once and for all. Moreover, we’ll see how Iris, Kamila, and Captain Singh escape Mirror World.

Apart from the end of Eva’s evil plans as well as Barry rescuing Iris and others, The Flash Season 7 has a lot to bring on the table. In the seventh season we’ll get to know how the mystery of Caitlin’s mother’s powers will unfold and what twists it’s gonna bring in her life; how Barry will be able to make an artificial Speed Force; Has Speed God something to do with Barry getting a hold on his speed once again; Will Iris be able to deal with her broken mind and get out of Mirror World on her own? Lastly, we’ll get to learn more about Cecile’s empath powers, and see Ralph finally, getting close to Sue.


Anyhow, above all of these issues that the seventh season will deal with, what we need to worry about is how badly the mirror world is messing up with Iris’s mind. About how Iris will escape from the mirror world, we have got something to say. Let’s move forward to the next section to find out what potential clues about Iris’ escape from the mirror world the trailer of The Flash Season 7 has left.

What will happen to Iris in The Flash Season 7?

Unbeknownst to anyone, since half of the sixth season, Iris has been stuck in the mirror world. Although Barry has finally found out the truth that his Iris is stuck somewhere in the mirror world but yet he has no clue how to get her back.

Well, after a long time, the seventh season will put an end to Iris and Barry’s misery: soon, we’ll get to see their happy yet full of twist reunion.

After watching the trailer of The Flash Season 7, what we deduced about Iris’ condition and the possibilities of her getting out of the mirror world, is that the mirror world is messing up with her mind only to lead her to find a way out. It is very likely that Iris will somehow gain a hold on her broken mind and this way, she will be able to get out of the mirror world.

On the other hand, there’s another possibility. As we know Eva is the reason for Iris and others have stuck in the mirror world. So, what if she dies? What if she dies breaking the connection between the real world and the mirror world? This way, Iris and others would be able to get out of the mirror world.

Will Barry Save Iris?

Who knows Barry finds a way to get Iris back: maybe he’ll trick Eva in returning Iris, or maybe once he made a new speed force, he’ll be able to phase into the mirror world. Furthermore, not to forget about the mirror gun that the mirror Iris stole from S.T.A.R labs, who know it helps Barry to rescue Iris and others?

Until the premiere of The Flash Season 7, what we can speculate about Iris and Barry’s life is that whether Iris gets out of the mirror world on her own or Barry rescue her after defeating Eva, the aftermath effects of Iris’ broken would leave a bad impact on their life.

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