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40 New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

Do you want to know What’s New on Netflix for December 2021? Well, you are in the right place. Because we have got everything about the best new Netflix Series Coming to Netflix in December 2021. Whether you are a movie addict or you don’t like to watch them that much, we got something for you. The list we have made is according to the best and the top Netflix series and movies that are going to be on your must-watch list. The list will include, comedy, action, thrill, romance, and many more genres that you would love to watch. We have made a list of the top 10 best series and movies, this will include horror also. So it seems like there is something really special for you, right? Right. 

Apart from all that, let’s come to the main point, you are here for some fantastic movie suggestions! So without any further hold-ups let’s start reading this article till the end.

40 New Netflix Series Coming to Netflix in December 2021 – Read On!

Time to check out the Netflix Series will balance 2021 all throughout the planet on What’s New on Netflix for December 2021. Beneath, we’ll walk you through the rundown of motion pictures and TV series delivered solely over the time of December 2021.

It will be an extremely bustling year’s end with some of Netflix’s greatest blockbuster motion pictures and to be sure TV series arranged to finish off the year. To see what else is coming to Netflix this fall, look at our fall 2021 film preview and our separate reviews for October, November, and December.

1: Cowboy Bebop

best new netflix series

What’s New on Netflix for December 2021? Of Course, Cowboy Bebop! It is based on an anime series that is recently adapted to an American movie. This is one of the best Netflix action thrills movies that you all will surely love to watch. 

2: Arcane


Another action thriller movie from Netflix, Arcane. Arcane is a recently released film on Netflix that stars our favorite singer, songwriter, and actor Hailee Steinfeld. Arcane is a multiplayer game like a movie that is becoming a buzz on the internet day by day. 

3: You

Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

You returned to Netflix with its third season, casting the same lead characters. Just keep one thing in your mind, this knotty and extra juicy film is just right for you when you are in a state of mind for this one. Enjoy this movie alone or with your friends. (We want to clear one thing, You is a movie for adults. So make sure that you’re watching this with the right company.) 

4: Seinfeld

Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

Seinfeld is one of our comedy films on Netflix that you can watch this December. Seinfeld follows the story of a group of colleagues and friends. The whole script and production are fantastic. You can watch Seinfeld with your family and friends on a cozy weekend. You are surely going to love this one. 

5: Midnight mars

Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

The session for questions: What’s New on Netflix for December 2021 is over! This one is a fantastic series that is worth watching. Midnight Mars gets a little scary after its three episodes, because of that creepy man that you are going to see in episode 2. In the first episode, you will see the introduction to some main characters, and after that, the real story will start revealing day by day. 

6: Manifest


It is another best new series on Netflix 2021 and new series are on Netflix. The most mysterious drama you have ever watched, Manifest. The manifest story revolves around some of the plain passengers that are extremely unique in our history. The drama “Manifest” is now giving its fourth and last season to Netflix with 20 episodes. You all must have seen this drama trending on the Netflix charts for months. But now, it’s time to watch this fantastic drama on the go. 

7: Brand New Cherry Flavor


If you are looking for some extra weird spice, wild, and some crazy kind of stuff Brand New Cherry Flavor is here to serve you the best. Yes, Brand New Cherry Flavor is breaking the records on Netflix just because of its super unique storyline. 

We will suggest you have a look at this one also. 

8: 30 Rock


To be honest, 30 Rock was a real unexpected treat to the Netflix users. The good thing about this series is, all 7 seasons of this series are available on Netflix. That means you don’t have to wait until the next season arrives. Just head over to Netflix and start streaming all the seasons right now. Also, we would like to tell you that 30 Rock is a family series, so you can enjoy watching it with your family and friends if you want to. 

9: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson


After a long wait for I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, it’s finally here. Yes, you heard right, the new season of this fantastic storyline has arrived on Netflix! So, if you want to stream it, go and do it right away. 

10: Love, Death, and Robots


This adult animated series Love, Death and Robots is on Netflix with its second season. Love, Death, and Robots is a combination of everything you’re looking to watch right now. So if you want romance, comedy, and some action thriller kind of stuff at the same time, check this one right now. 

11. The Witcher (Season 2) 


Coming to Netflix: December 17th

It is one of the 11th best new series on Netflix 2021. Maybe the greatest returning series for the whole month is the second excursion with Geralt as The Witcher season 2. Persuaded Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia carries Princess Cirilla to the most secure spot he knows, his youth home of Kaer Morhen. While the Continent’s lords, mythical beings, people, and evil spirits take a stab at matchless quality external its dividers, he should shield the young lady from something undeniably more hazardous: the secretive power she has inside. 

12. Emily in Paris (Season 2) 


Coming to Netflix: December 22nd 

After broad shooting over the mid-year, the Emmy-designated Netflix Original series Emily in Paris returns. Emily is improving at exploring the city of Paris yet at the same time staggering about her connections. Darren Star keeps on helming the second season which comprises 10 scenes. 

13. Don’t Look Up 


Coming to Netflix: December 24th 

What’s on Netflix’s most expected film of the year is Adam McKay’s first component film project with Netflix as Don’t Look Up. Featured by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the film will see two researchers take a visit through the world attempting to persuade everybody that the end is near. Not long before the arrival of the film on Christmas Eve, Netflix will likewise make a big appearance the film in performance centers on December tenth. 

14. The Lost Daughter 


Coming to Netflix: December 31st 

It is also one of the best and new Netflix Series Coming to Netflix! Balancing it is one of Netflix’s most brilliant stars in its honor season hopefuls. The film is the first time at the helm of Maggie Gyllenhaal with Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson driving. 

15. Cobra Kai (Season 4)


Coming to Netflix: December 31st 

Its full-scale battle in the following arrangement of scenes of Cobra Kai with an impossible association framing to overcome a shared adversary. By and by, well see top picks get back from The Karate Kid motion pictures in this series which just appears to improve as it proceeds. December 2021 will likewise see season 5 of Cobra Kai’s wrap-up creation. 

16. Stay Close 


Coming to Netflix: December 31st 

Another eight-scene restricted series dependent on the Harlan Coben novel is coming to Netflix on New Year’s Eve. Shot in the United Kingdom, this new series is set to star Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage, and Sarah Parish. Here’s what you can anticipate from Stay Close: Three individuals each disguise dull privileged insights that even those nearest to them could never presume. 

17. The Whole Truth 


Coming to Netflix: December 2

New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021 every bit of relevant information. The Thai awfulness arrives on Netflix as a best for What’s New on Netflix! On some unacceptable side of Halloween, yet will add some creepiness to this coming Christmas season. At the point when their mom is hospitalized, Pim and Putt are stunned to find they have a bunch of grandparents they have never met. Be that as it may, after showing up at their grandparent’s home they are stunned to learn of a startling truth, which gradually starts to uncover itself through a magical opening in the divider. 

18. Money Heist (Season 5 Volume 2) 

New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

Coming to Netflix: December 3

This is it. The finish of one of Netflix’s greatest series in its set of experiences up until now. Its been a lengthy, difficult experience for the group who have been denying some of Spain’s most notable banks however the heist should conclude. With the principal half of season 5 coming toward the beginning of September, you’ll get the last bunch of scenes toward the beginning of December balancing an epic series yet it’s not finished. Netflix is effectively shooting a Korean transformation all through the rest of 2021. So, stop questioning What’s New on Netflix as it can be the best for your taste.

19. David and the Elves 

New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

Coming to Netflix: December 6

A Christmas New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021 from Poland coordinated by Micha Rogalski where the Christmas season is quickly drawing closer with youthful David deciding to get his folks to relearn the importance of Christmas. 

Among the cast for David and the Elves incorporates Jakub Zajc, Cyprian Grabowski, Anna Smoowik and Monika Krzywkowska. 

20. Asakusa Kid 

New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021

Coming to Netflix: December 9

This Japanese dramatization depends on the novel from Takeshi Kitano which is set during the 1960s about an out-of-school youngster to make a profession in human expression. He rapidly tracks down a gig by shadowing one of the most popular performers in Japan. 

21. The Hand of God 

Coming to Netflix: December fifteenth 

Paolo Sorrentino composes and coordinates this show about a youngster experiencing childhood in Naples during the 1980s. 

22. Surly Christmas 

Coming to Netflix: December 22nd 

This Mexican occasion film is a spin-off of the 2016 satire Un Padre No Tan Padre where Don Servando and his family have headed out to the ocean side to spend Christmas there and things immediately become off-kilter and awkward. 

23. Minnal Murali 

Coming to Netflix: December 24th 

The huge Indian arrival of December 2021 will show up on Christmas Eve and see a designer from a humble community of Kerala foster superpowers after being struck by lightning.  

24. Aggretsuko (Season 4) 

Aggretsuko Season 4 December 2021 

The anime series about the furious red panda returns for a fourth season. 

25. A Thousand Kilometers from Christmas 

This family Christmas film will make a big appearance sooner or later in December 2021 and is about a man in his 30s who at long last surrenders to the Christmas soul. Tamar Novas, Peter Vives, Vernica Forqu and Andrea Ros to star. 

26. Jojo odd experience stone sea 

New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021. It will be the selective streaming home of the spic and span period of JoJos Bizarre Adventure in many districts of the world. Stone Ocean will fill in as the fifth period of the hit anime show which has been running beginning around 2012. The new season will drop on Netflix month to month. 

27. The Future Diary 

Sentiment reality series from TBS in Japan around two people who have never met before are become tied up with playing out a heartfelt storyline by the following content however will flash fly, all things considered. So, its can also be a best fit for What’s New on Netflix for December 2021!

28 The Silent Sea 

It is another New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021. One of our most expected forthcoming K-dramatizations is The Silent Sea which is about a gathering of first-class researchers who are setting off determined to a neglected exploration station to recover obscure examples. Featuring in the science fiction series incorporates Bae Doo-na, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon, Kim Sun-youthful, Heo Sung-Tae, and Lee Moo-Saeng. 

Other 10 New Netflix Series Coming in at the End of December:


  • 1000 Miles from Christmas – Spanish – December 24th
  • A Naija Christmas – Nigeria – TBA
  • Anonymously Yours (2021) – Spanish Rom-Com – December 10th
  • Aranyak (2021) – Hindi Thriller – December 10th
  • Elite Short Stories: Patrick – Spanish – December 23rd
  • Elite Short Stories: Phillipe Caye Felipe (Miniseries) – Spanish – December 15th
  • The Future Diary (Season 1) – Japanese Reality Series -December 14th –
  • How to Ruin Christmas (Season 2) – South Africa – TBD
  • The Hungry and the Hairy (Season 1) – Korean Reality Series – December 11th
  • Kitz – German – December 30th


So, What’s New on Netflix for December 2021? In this article, we have taken you through the New Netflix Series Coming in December 2021. And the most fantastic series and movies/shows that you can watch with your family and friends. Some of them include the adult one also. So it’s your job to choose which will be the best for you and your family. We hope that your questions like: what are the best new series on Netflix 2021- will be clear now!

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