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Money Heist Season 3: Last Episode Written Update, and Finale

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Season 3 has completed its journey leaving the fans on a cliffhanger. It seems like the whole gang’s almost shattered apart, and they have to face some blood-shed and heart-wrenching loss.

So, the first part of the second heist reached its conclusion but it isn’t the end. Money Heist Season 4 will continue the chain of events from where season 3 left it off. Money Heist Season 4 will be the second part of the second heist concluding the whole story.

Now, it isn’t simply a heist anymore as a roar of war has begun. But tragically, the things aren’t going well with the team and professor.

Money Heist Season 3 Finale

In Episode 8 of Money Heist Season 3, we witnessed the heartbroken but violent Tokyo destabilizing the whole team as Rio broke-up with her. Denver tried to calm her down but she was out of control and didn’t listen to him either. Anyhow, Denver tried to make Rio realize that his act was quite childish.

Consequently, we saw the team faking their escape and fool the police just to secure Professor and Raquel from them. But the things didn’t go the way they thought.

Raquel was pissed-off because of Professor’s weird distance from her, and she hooks up with him asking what he wants. Anyhow, Professor ended-up proposing her for marriage and pouring down his heart in front of Raquel.

Meanwhile, the beautiful scenario, Raquel got captured. Saurez spread the news of shooting Raquel so that the heart-wrenched Professor ended-up taking some drastic step.

So, Professor ordered Defcon2 amid the blast on the tank by Rio, and Tokyo just to announce the beginning of the war.

So, here the war begins. Let’s see how the gang will cope-up with the police in Season 4 which will complete the story began in season 3.


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