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Modern Family’s Top 10 Friendship Moments of Mitch & Haley’s, Ranked!

Modern Family’s Top 10 Friendship Moments of Mitch & Haley are vastly underappreciated. Many adorable scenes are shared between the uncle and niece. In Modern Family, Haley Dunphy abhorred telling her husband about her life and started spending her time with her friends rather than her family. However, as Haley grew older, there were two people on whom she began to rely more and more on her personal life: Mitch and Cam. Mitch was Haley’s best friend because he was a better secret keeper.

They shared a level of trust and respect that the rest of the family lacked. Mitchell was not as close to Alex and Luke as he was to Haley, and he became a distant parental figure in her life. Mitch and Haley’s encounters became even more regular after Haley became a parent in the ultimate two seasons. The majority of their Modern Tender moments are tremendously underrated.

Modern Family’s Top 10 Friendship Moments

1. Heartbreaks on Valentine’s Day

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

Mitch and Cam’s Valentine’s Day proposals are spoiled in “Do You Believe in Magic” when their best birthday friend, Sal, bombards their day. Haley joined the trio for a day of day drinking and lunch, but things quickly turned sour. Sal became inebriated, and Haley witnessed her boyfriend on a date with another woman. Mitch spent the entire day attempting to defend Haley and get her away from Sal’s chaos.

2. They looked into Cam’s suspicious behavior

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

It was Christmastime in the 11th season, and the family was preparing for a festive dinner at Mitch and Cam’s. Mitchell told Haley that Cam was going to Missouri for the vacation and that he didn’t have to accompany him for the first time.

Mitchell was reminded of how, unlike Cam, that was and that something sounded fishy. The two started digging, and Haley was correct — Cam wasn’t going home to see his family. He was returning home to prepare for a coaching interview.

3. He attempted to save her from Claire

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

Haley has a longstanding experience of breaking the law. She went through a phase where she kept getting parking tickets and never paid them on time. Her father was arrested when Haley refused to give. They eventually added a shield to Haley’s windshield, which was supposed to prevent her from driving until she paid her fines. Haley didn’t want her mother to see the shield on her car, so she drove the car blindly while Mitchell acted as her eyes to find another parking spot.

4. She attempted to re-cool him

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

After joking about losing their edge, Cam and Jay are determined to prove Mitch and Gloria wrong by trying to spend their Saturday night with Haley. Unlike most people in their twenties, Haley was trying to look forward to her uncle’s party and the level process.

Mitchell and Gloria tried their hardest to keep up with Haley’s late-night revelry, but they were too tired to enjoy themselves. It was still endearing to see them try to impress Haley.

5. Bringing Up children Necessitates A Village

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

Mitch and Cam, as two fathers, wanted Lily to have women in her life. And although Lily and Haley weren’t particularly close, Haley stepped up to help her cousin. She disguised herself as the tooth fairy to assist Mitch and Cam. Fairy also appeared when Lily had her first period and required assistance. She would do anything for the Pritchett-Tuckers.

6. Arvin Against Dylan

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

Haley went to her uncles instead of her parents when she had relationship problems. Haley was doing long-distance with Arvin in the tenth season when she ran into Dylan and slept with him. She felt terrible for dishonoring Arvin and sought help from Mitchell when she needed it.

Mitchell told her she didn’t have to tell Arvin everything, but Cameron strongly disagreed and persuaded her to remain truthful. Whatever happened, she felt secure with Mitchell in her evening of need.

7. Mitch’s Birthday Failed To Be A Fun Day

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

When the Dunphy kids forgot about Mitch’s birthday, Haley led the charge in devising a way to make amends. After a few failed attempts, they took Mitchell to the home of his idol, Barbra Streisand. Mitchell thought he was on Barbara’s property, but the Hollywood map they were using was out of date, and they were unquestionably in Ray Liotta’s driveway. Ray felt sorry for Mitchell and took him to Barbara’s existing home. When he was able to communicate with her via an intercom, it turned out to be one of his most memorable birthdays.

8. He was her Attorney

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

When Claire and Phil received a phone call in the middle of the night informing, they called Michell to show them after Haley was arrested for aggravated battery. Mitchell abandoned everything to be there for his niece in her hour of need, and he was eager to fight her battle. And while it didn’t turn out the way he had hoped, it was still heartwarming that he showed up for her.

9. He was the first character she told about her pregnancy

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

After Haley and Dylan accepted and celebrated her pregnancy, they could move on with their lives. Dylan took her out to dinner for her birthday, and he gave her their first pair of baby shoes. But Mitch and Cam happened to be at the same restaurant when Dylan gave her the shoes. They witnessed everything. Haley had no choice but to tell them, making them the first in the family to find out.

10. One connection was lost!

Modern Family's Top 10 Friendship Moments

Claire and Haley were fighting in “Connection Lost,” and Claire couldn’t get a hold of Haley. After a few mishaps, the entire family believed Haley was pregnant and eloping with Andy in Las Vegas. Claire called Mitch and Cam to see if they knew anything about Haley’s situation because they were close to her. They turned out to be a wealth of information, warning Claire about a peculiar gentleman caller that Haley was seeing. The conversation revealed that Mitch and Haley were much closer than anyone had realized. Modern Family’s Top 10 Friendship Moments made them the first ones in the family to know.

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