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Modern Family: 5 Aspects The Pritchetts Are Identical (and 5 Reasons They Aren’t)

Modern Family features Jay Pritchett and his two adult children, Claire and Mitchell. They share many characteristics, but each has its distinct personality.

30+The original Pritchett family consists of Jay, Claire, and Mitchell. They are the foundation of Modern Family. Claire and Mitchell have some childhood scars from Jay and DeDe’s rocky relationship that continue to affect their day-to-day lives as adults, particularly their relationships.

Claire and Mitchell have inherited most of Jay’s quirks, for better or worse, due to their physical proximity to their father. Claire and Mitchell have inherited Jay’s control issues, their excessive need to turn everything into a competition, and their ability to lie about everything. In the end, Mitch and Claire are far more similar to their father than they are willing to admit.

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They’re all influencing in some way!

Jay’s desire for control has enslaved his children. Jay tries to keep his family under control, but Gloria clearly runs the show.  Similarly, Mitchell’s control issues escalated into sharing issues. Lily’s teacher explained in one episode that Lily disliked sharing her belongings, which linked to Mitchell’s behavior at home. Claire can’t imagine a home without a family calendar that follows a set schedule.

Mitchell is much more sympathetic than Jay and Claire

Modern Family

Mitchell took some time to learn how to be a more compassionate partner. Mitchell didn’t know how to express love through lovely gestures or even being kind to Cam because his parents sorce and his sister bullied him throughout his childhood. However, the more he trusted his relationship, the more compassionate and open he became. And told Cam and LilyJay that hey struggled to say that he loved his children until the 11th and final season.

When things don’t go as intended, they both encounter intense anxiety!

Everyone else should get out of the way when the Pritchetts have their hearts set on something. When staff doesn’t go as planned, tempers flare and harsh words are exchanged. Claire, in particular, hates when Phil doesn’t listen to or believe her stories. When this happens, she’ll do everything she can to get his mind to change. Viewers have also seen Jay similarly on Father’s Day. He snapped when his day didn’t turn out exactly how he wanted (a delicate sausage taste).

Claire and Mitchell are sweet and gentle with their partners in Modern Family!

Modern Family

Jay expresses love through actions instead of physical contact. He buys Gloria sparkly new things, takes the family on incredible vacations, and is always available to give Manny advice when he needs it. That is Jay’s interpretation of affection. Claire and Mitchell, on the other hand, required something more. They married physically loving men, which caused them to behave similarly. Claire is constantly pulling on Phil’s arm or hugging her children. Mitchell acts similarly to Cam.

They are both impatient in comparison to their partners

Modern Family

Jay, Claire, and Mitchell are impatient as well as suspicious and controlling. On “The Late Show,” the entire family has restaurant reservations at an expensive place that takes a long time to get in. Gloria, on the other hand, was taking far too long to get ready, and Jay was losing patience. Mitch and Cam were also late because they had mistakenly dressed in the same outfit. Claire disliked Phil’s desire for attention and couldn’t hold back how hard he tried in his nice outfit to impress her. The Pritchetts were all on the same team on this particular night.

Distinctive Parental Interference Styles

Mitch and Claire grew up to be successful adults but did not have the closest relationship with their parents. Jay was constantly working and attempting to launch his business, which meant more time away from home.

Claire and Phil raised their children in a carefree and controlled environment. Mitch and Cam raised Lily in a loving home full of music and activities. The multiple Pritchetts managed their inhabitants in various ways.

Likewise: They Must Be Correct

Modern Family

If the Pritchetts aren’t supposed to, they’ll go to extreme lengths to prove their point. In “When Good Kids Go Bad,” Phill accidentally knocks Claire over in the grocery store. She contacted the grocery store’s corporate office to show her family that it wasn’t her fault and obtained a copy of the security footage. The family, on the other hand, was unimpressed. Her father infused a great desire over her, to be exact.

Jay is far more convinced than his children

Claire and Mitchell, unlike Jay, are not the most self-assured people. They tend to overthink things, be anxious, and question their own decisions. Jay, on the other hand, is unconcerned about their insecurity. He is now a wealthy and successful businessman with a lovely wife. Jay rarely second-guesses himself or questions his actions the way his children do.

Similarly, they must have the final say

Modern Family

Because of the Pritchetts’ desire for power, they must also have the final say. When Mitch and Cam argue, Cam usually walks away from the situation, and Mitch usually has the last logical word. Claire Dunphy believes she is brighter than Phil, which says it all. Claire would walk away knowing she was in the right, whether she was or wasn’t.

Claire is not as emotional as Jay or Mitchell

Cam and Mitchell in Modern Family

Jay became more emotional as he grew older. Jay didn’t hold back his emotions like he used to, whether because Manny graduated, little Joe took after him, or his dog Stella. Mitchell, like Claire, was always a little emotional.

Claire suppresses her emotions until they explode. She explodes with anxiety and anger instead of crying like Mitch and Jay. The similarities and differences between the three Pritchetts are what make them such a dynamic Modern family.

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