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9 Things About Modern Family Fan Theories That Don’t Make Sense!

Even Modern Family inspired various Modern Family Fan Theories, both rational and absurd.

With the last season of Modern Family approaching, fan predictions about the families are flying off the shelves like hotcakes in a cafe. Fans are eager to see if their ideas about the Dumpy, Tucker-Pritchett’s, and Delgado-Pritchett’s are confirmed in this finale.

Modern Family portrays the happy lives of various families, yet no television program is flawless. Married with Children is a prequel to Modern Family fan theory.

This fan theory, like many others, came from a subedit dedicated to fan theories. This one appeals to me, and I believe it makes sense somehow. We see Ed O’Neil, who portrayed Al Bundy on Married with Children, and Jay Pritchett on Modern Family. That is the most obvious link between the two shows. Not only is the actor the same, but the plots of both sitcoms are also very similar.

Modern Family is no exception to the rule that no TV show is flawless, even if it shows a clean and hilarious plot. Modern Family has various elements that were either poorly written or poorly performed, and it simply takes a glance to identify them.

Alex’s Age Doesn’t Match the Timeline of a Modern Family

Modern Family Fan Theories
Alex Dunphy is Phil and Claire’s middle child.

Alex Dunphy is the middle child of Phil and Claire Dunphy. She is an intelligent, logical, but conceited young woman who is dissatisfied with her family’s lack of common sense. Some aspects about her, such as her Age, seem perplexing.

Alex is mentioned as being 13 years old in the first season of Modern Family. In Under Pressure, she turns 15 four seasons later. Everyone else had grown four years older. Thus Alex should have been seventeen. By the end of Modern Family, Alex is roughly 21 years old, as she is now legally allowed to drink. She is in effect, two years younger than she should be.

Mitch and Claire’s Father’s Relationship

Jay and DeDe Pritchett have two children, Laurie and Mitchell. After DeDe leaves and becomes an estranged mother, Jay and DeDe’s toxic marriage ends in divorce. DeDe is absent during the first season of Modern Family, and Claire and Mitch have a terrible relationship with their father.

Jay is rigorous and has a hard time being open in the initial seasons. He treats both of his children with contempt and struggles to accept Mitch’s sexuality. While Jay undergoes significant personal and emotional growth, Claire and Mitch appear to be ecstatic to be so close to him at first. Jay might be the least of two evils.

The Car That Left Then Returned

Modern Family Fan Theories
Alex and Luke, the vehicle is curiously still there

Phil and Claire compete in the episode “Run for Your Wife” to see who is the fastest of the two of them.

According to famous modern family fan theories, Claire goes for a run every day and enjoys competing in races. On the other hand, Phil is more interested in cheerleading, gymnastics, and what he refers to as the “trampoline arts.”

Alex and Luke arrive home from school while the two stretch in the front yard to prepare for their big race. While Phil and Claire watch, a minivan pulls up, dumps the kids off, and drives away. When the camera returns to Alex and Luke, the vehicle is curiously still there, as if it never departed.

The Well-Known Family Photograph

Modern Family Fan Theories
Mitchell and Cameron are preparing to take a new family photo

In the sixth season, Mitchell and Cameron are getting ready to take a new family portrait over their mantle. Lily was envious of not being in her family portrait now that she was old enough to grin and pose.

Cam gathers Mitchell and Lily for the photo, and Lily seems to be smiling as they say, “Cheese!” They retake the picture, and the result (on the left) isn’t as likely as the original product (on the right), which he shows Mitchell.

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A Scene from Phil’s Past with His Current Headshot

Phil tells the camera crew that Haley has real estate in her blood in one episode. When she was younger, she used to assist Phil in selling houses, and the two made an excellent tag team.

Phil and a young Haley are high-fiving in front of his real estate sign in the flashback photograph. However, a closer examination reveals that the photo on the sign was his current headshot—the headshot does not match Phil’s wacky hairstyle in terms of consistency.

Two Initial Kisses

Phil and Claire’s back story has been tinkered with quite a bit. It’s unclear whether writers were putting fans to the test by seeing how much they remembered about their background, but the numbers don’t always add up.

Claire and Phil claim that their first kiss was in her car in the first season. However, Phil purchases the exact chair swing in the eighth season, where he and Claire experience their first kiss. So, which came first?  Perhaps they preferred the swing idea because of Claire’s reaction to it.

Is Pepper aware of how many children he has?

Is Pepper aware of how many children he has?
“Caught in the Act,”

What are modern family fan theories? Pseudo listening In the episode “Caught in the Act,” Phil and Claire’s three children attempt to surprise their parents with a delicious breakfast in bed on their wedding anniversary.

Mitchell and Cameron’s best pal is Pepper. He’s pretty critical and often makes fun of their “poor” way of living, but he’s still a friend.

Mitchell and Pepper meet up with Jay and Phil to play golf in the fourth season. The golf day went well, but everyone was chatting about their sons and their connections with their fathers. Pepper claimed to have a son in the military and that he needed to contact him. Fast forward to Sal’s baby shower in season six. He’s adamant about accepting Sal’s boy because he’s never had children of his own and views it as a message. Did Pepper forget he had an older son in the military, or did the writers decide to rewrite the script?

When did Claire become pregnant with Haley?

The fact that Phil and Claire became pregnant with Haley early in their relationship and marriage is a running joke on the show. Phil wonders if they’d still be together if they hadn’t married after their unintentional pregnancy.

When Claire and Phil discuss their pregnancy, they remark about how young they are and how they are in and out of college. On the other hand, Claire reconnects with an old coworker, Valerie, in the episode “Moon Landing.” Claire is claimed to have had to leave her job owing to her pregnancy. That is why Valerie is so successful: she took Claire’s place. However, it did not fit with the “young and dumb” timeframe we’d heard many times.

Haley has been drinking for a long time before her 21st birthday!

Modern Family Fan Theories
Haley’s 21st birthday,

Since we first met her in season one, Haley has been slipping out of the house and throwing house parties. She’s a gorgeous, popular girl who has had her fair share of drinks of its looks. We observed her get drunk during their family vacation in Hawaii.

She appeared hangover after prom (which Claire detested and made her a gross hangover smoothie). When we eventually get to Haley’s 21st birthday, she takes her “first” shot of alcohol alongside Claire, Gloria, Mitchell, and Cameron, and the Family is surprised that she didn’t gag. The family couldn’t possibly have thought that was Haley’s first drink, could they?

Manny vs. Mud Fight

mud fight
Claire prepares a group photo of the whole family at the conclusion of the first season

Claire prepares a group portrait with the Entire Family at the end of the first season. The day is hectic for her because she looks for the perfect place for the photo and makes sure everyone looks their best in white. However, by the end of the day, Claire’s anal personality had gotten on everyone’s nerves, resulting in a mud fight. Manny is coated and smeared with mud all over his shirt while they’re splashing dirt on each other. He has a tiny bit in his pocket by the time the image is shot.

The Wedding that never happened!

Modern Family Fan Theories
In “Great Expectations,” Phil informs Claire that they danced to “If You Leave” during their wedding.

In “Great Expectations,” Phil tells Claire that they danced to “If You Leave” at their wedding. Surprisingly, it’s been stated throughout the series that the couple never had a real wedding because of their unexpected pregnancy. Even while the families were on vacation in Hawaii at the end of the season, Phil prepared a modest ceremony because they had never had one of their own. There are many more things in modern Family Fan Theories that are not significant at all.

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