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25 Things You Never Noticed in Episode 1 of Modern Family!

From 2009 until 2020, the fictional surrogate household depicted on “Modern Family” was America’s favorite. The sitcom featured the lives of three interconnected families, the Pritchett’s, the Dunphys, and the Tucker-Pritchett’s. And creation is by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan for ABC. In the face of their things you never noticed distinct and often conflicting lifestyles; the sitcom pokes fun at and embraces the ties between the three families.

“Modern Family’s” first episode, named “Pilot,” serves as an excellent introduction to the series’ goals and the impact it would have on pop culture. The writing is sharply observed and laugh-out-loud funny; each actor perfectly embodies their characters. We even get a surprise twist after following the three families separately from the beginning. It reveals in the end that they are all relates through Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill). And also his grown-up children Claire (Julie Bowen) and Mitchell (Matt Ryan) (Jesse Tyler Ferguson).

Here are 26 facts about the now-iconic occurrence that you may not have known.

Things You Never Noticed

1. Jay highlighted the network’s concerns

Coming to terms with the reality that his son Mitchell is gay and in a relationship with another man is a crucial character arc for old-fashioned Jay Pritchett over the run of “Modern Family.” Jay became more understanding of his son’s lifestyle as the series went on. Mitchell’s partner Cameron Tucker (Eric Stone Street) became their son to him.

However, Jay’s tolerance level was still relatively low in the show’s first episode. So much so that it’s become a joke that Jay constantly knocks loudly before entering Mitchell and Cameron’s home because he’s afraid of accidentally catching them in bed together. While Jay’s attitude is hostile, it is a relatively accurate depiction of how the show’s producers felt about Cam and Mitch.

While other couples on the show are routinely shown kissing and even having it on between the sheets, Cam and Mitch’s passion for each other in the first season was limited to chaste hugs and gentle cuddling.

2. Julie Bowen was expecting a child

Things You Never Noticed

The Dunphys, mother Claire, father Phil (Ty Burrell), and their adolescent children Haley (Sarah Hyland), Alex (Ariel Winter), and Luke are the first Family we meet in the “Pilot” episode of “Modern Family” (Nolan Gould). Within minutes, we have a clear picture of the Family’s dynamics, particularly regarding the parents and how they manage their children.

While Phil is shown to laugh and joke with his kids and openly acknowledge being a “cool parent,” Claire is always busy. She does the washing, cooks the meals, and warns her eldest daughter about wearing too-short skirts or spending alone time with a male companion.

Claire’s constant busyness was not entirely owing to the storyline, as it turned out. Julie Bowen revealed to Access Hollywood that she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant with twins when the episodes were spotted roles. Bulky apparel and props like the laundry basket and kitchen table helped to hide her noticeable pregnancy belly. Luke stood in front of her in a couple of scenes to function as a visual shield.

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3. The documentary style was chosen for a specific reason

Since the success of “The Office,” documentary comedy series has gained a lot of traction worldwide. While most such series are set in workplaces, “Modern Family” took a new approach by bringing in a fictitious documentary-making crew to study the lives of the three prominent families in their actual homes.

Even though “Modern Family” went all-in on the false documentary concept right from the pilot episode. Viewers were never told who was filming it or for what purpose. However, this was not always the case. According to Steve Levitan, the show’s co-creator, the original plan was for the families to be interviewed by a Dutch filmmaker named Greet Floorjte.

As a teen exchange student, the character was intended to have lived with Jay and developed a crush on Claire. The show’s creators felt that including Floorjte would take time away from studying the lives of the show’s three prominent families.

4. More than one baby took on the role of Lily

Things You Never Noticed

Cameron and Mitchell are bringing their newly adopted toddler daughter Lily home from Vietnam. Which is the core plot of the pilot episode. The pair grapples with societal attitudes toward gay couples, their struggles as new parents, and the uncertainty of how their extended Family will react to Lily.

Lily can be sleeping peacefully in her cozy clothes bundle. Not one but two baby actors played the newborn. Because child labor rules prohibit actresses under a specific age from working full-time on a day’s filming. Ella and Jaden Hiller both are to choose to play Lily in a single episode for seasons 1 and 2.

At times, the designers decided that Lily didn’t need to be played by a real baby, so they employed a doll that looked like Lily. In behind-the-scenes footage from the show, Sarah Hyland interacts with the pretend baby in a comically negligent manner.

5. with a twist on a classic fresco

Things You Never Noticed

Cameron and Mitchell must adjust to many things as first-time parents while learning to care for their infant daughter Lily. But both are eager to begin this new adventure, Cameron perhaps a little too eagerly. It suggests that he’s been stress-eating throughout Lily’s entire adoption procedure.

Cameron celebrates Lily’s arrival by having a friend paint a mural beside Lily’s cot. Cameron and Mitchell can see as being barely clad in diaphanous robes while reclining atop a group of clouds in the artwork. The mural’s purpose according to Cameron, is to reassure Lily. That her new fathers are always looking out for her, as a couple of nudist guardian angels.

The mural is a spoof of Michelangelo’s famous “The Creation of Adam” fresco. Which covers the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

6. The houses seem to be somewhat unique

The show is still finding its footing when the first episode of “Modern Family” is shot. The writers and actors had already hit home runs. But the backdrops to the lives of the three prominent families are still fine and then return.

As a result, the houses we can see in “Pilot” differ significantly from those featured in later episodes of “Modern Family.” For example, in the first episode, the Dunphy household features a solid wall adjacent to the stairwell. But later episodes show an office area where the wall used to be.

Similarly, the house Jay and Gloria live in, in the first episode has different architecture and furniture from the house they live in later in the series.

7. The unknown cameraman

The crew of “Modern Family” was still figuring out the practicalities of filming the first episode when it aired. Weird Things you never noticed The show is shot with one camera. Rather than filming sitcoms on a stage for a live audience, “Modern Family” is being shot on location with the camera free to move around and follow the action.

Because you are not limited to the one or two set pieces that can be constructed in front of a live audience. This type of filming provides greater freedom in terms of where you can shoot.

However, filming in “single-camera” in busy houses full of actors and technicians has the drawback of occasionally recording something that wasn’t meant to be recorded. During a scene of Claire chatting to Haley’s new boyfriend on the stairs in “Pilot,” we catch a glimpse of a cameraman reflected in the mirror.

8. West jet hosted the flight

The first time viewers see Cameron and Mitchell, they see them on a plane, returning home with their new infant daughter Lily. Mitchell assumes that everyone on the plane is homophobic since the couple receives odd looks. He begins a speech on tolerance, only to realize that he had misinterpreted the circumstances, and then uncomfortably sits down again while Cameron regretfully glances around.

It’s a great introduction to Cam and Mitch’s troubles as a relationship and how they approach them differently. There aren’t many clues as to which airline is in the scenario, but keen watchers can pick up on a few characteristics and guess that Cam, Mitch, and Lily are on a West Jet trip.

9. There will be numerous future references

The debut episode of “Modern Family” was exceptional by many criteria. It launches the series, garners a slew of prizes, and still widely seems like the best episode. Naturally, the show made numerous references to the episode in subsequent stories.

In the episode’s most pivotal sequence, the entire family meets Lily for the first time. later replay in Season 10 when the Family sees Haley’s babies for the first time, replete with “The Lion King” theme music. Claire barges into Haley’s room looking for dirty clothes to throw in the laundry to assuage her concerns. That her daughter was being frisky with her problematic boyfriend Dylan. Which was another amusing moment from the premiere episode (Reid Ewing).

Haley later imitated Claire’s actions with Luke when she barged into his room, ostensibly to wash laundry but to prevent her younger brother from dating a female.

10. The portrayal of women in Modern Family has been criticized

Things You Never Noticed

The female characters in Modern Family have been criticized by authors such as Ali Waller from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “If Modern Family is so ‘modern,’ why don’t any of the ladies have jobs?” she wondered on Twitter. There are many things you never noticed later seasons show Claire Dunphy re-entering the workforce after raising her children and becoming a successful director of Jay Prichett’s closet firm. Gloria eventually retrains as a real estate agent and joins Phil Dunphy’s team. Alex Dunphy has several profitable occupations and has been spotted generating a lot of money in recent seasons.

11. All actors were given the title of “Supporting Actor”

Since season one of the program, all Modern Family actors have agreed to refer to themselves and each other as supporting parts rather than leading roles when attending award ceremonies.

12. Nolan Gould is a MENSA member

Things You Never Noticed

Nolan Gould, who plays Luke Dunphy on Modern Family, is an interesting contrast to his straightforward persona. He’s been a MENSA member since he was four years old.

13. Ty Burrell wasn’t a big hit with ABC

Initially, the network ABC expressed doubts about Ty Burrell’s portrayal of Phil Dunphy. They thought his performance in the show Back to You wouldn’t be strong enough for the main character because of his previous performance. What episode does Dwight say you only die once? Despite this, the creators of Modern Family, Lloyd, and Levitan, insisted on filming a sequence in his home with Sarah Hyland, who plays his eldest daughter Haley. This preview entirely convinced the network that Burrell was the best pick.

14. Eric Stonestreet is not a transpose

Eric Stonestreet

In actual life, actor Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron Tucker, Mitchell Pritchett’s spouse and father of Lily Tucker-Pritchett in Modern Family, is not gay. However, he claims to be a strong supporter of the LGBT community.

Both Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson have expressed their delight in hearing that their characters Mitch and Cam have made it easier for youngsters to come out to their parents. Their parents understood and accepted them in interviews and in the Modern Family documentary.

15. Sarah Hyland’s fiancé requested the blessing of her on-screen parents

Sarah Hyland's fiancé requested the blessing of her on-screen parents

Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy’s fiancée) sought the approval of her on-screen parents, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, before proposing to her.

16. Modern Family has won five Emmys in a row

Between 2010 and 2014, Modern Family tied with Frasier for the most consecutive Emmy victories, with five for Outstanding Comedy Series.

17. On Modern Family, all main characters have had birthdays

The Modern Family storyline has included birthdays for all twelve key characters despite having such a vast ensemble. Even if it isn’t the focus of an episode, everyone has had the chance to act in a birthday scene.

18. Stella, the Dog, Has Died

Stella the French bulldog, Jay Pritchett’s pride and pleasure, died after Season 10 finished due to difficulties in surgery. In real life, she was known as Beatrice.

19. The majority of Modern Family is shot in Los Angeles

The exterior images in Modern Family is mainly shot on the city’s west side, but the Dunphy’s House location is in Cheviot Hills. The outside photos of Luke and Manny’s school were at Palisades Charter High School.

20.”My American Family” was the original title

Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, the creators of Modern Family, originally wanted to call their mockumentary series “My American Family,” and based many of the episodes on their own families and experiences.

21. The longest-running comedy series on ABC is Modern Family

Modern Family premiered in September 2009 and lasted 11 seasons, with 250 episodes. The series ended in April 2020, making it ABC’s longest-running comedy series. Throughout its existence, it is nominate for 75 Emmy Awards and won 22 of them. And the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy in 2011.

22. The final episode of Modern Family drew 7.37 million viewers

In the United States, 7.37 million people watched the final episode of Season 11 of Modern Family, and 6.72 million people watched the documentary that ran with it.

23. Ed O’Neill claims he predicted the success of Modern Family

Ed O’Neill, who starred in Married with Children, states that he knew it would be a hit when he first read the script for Modern Family. In the Season 10 Modern Family documentary, he also stated that he thought it would last a decade.

Ed O’Neill is the longest-serving comedy actor in American history having featured in over 500 episodes.

24. The Mother of Ariel Winter Was Banned From the Modern Family Set

The Mother of Ariel Winter Was Banned From the Modern Family Set

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Ariel Winter was just 11 years old. when she first appeared on Modern Family as Alex, the middle Dunphy child. Her mother follows her onset making numerous derogatory remarks about her daughter’s weight and performance, to the point where the producers want her to stop from the set. Winter takes away from her family home in 2012 owing to charges of emotional and physical abuse. She’s been legally free from her parents since 2016.

25. The title card is missing

We witness each of the three significant couples in separate interviews with the invisible documentary producer at the episode’s opening. Except for Cameron and Mitchell, the couples get title cards with their names and the number of years. They’ve been together in a true documentary style.

The modern family Gloria and Claire and Phil, Cam and Mitch, and jay received title cards. They tell the audience that they are together for five years. Some viewers believed this was an oversight on the show’s part. It was, however, an intentional choice and a subtle hint about the problems that Cam and Mitch would face.


“Pilot” received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series because it was a solid start for “Modern Family.” The episode’s director, Jason Winner, also gets a Directors Guild of America award for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series. You get more exciting things you never noticed in “Modern Family through this article.

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