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Famous fan-based lines, the Modern Family best quotes according to Reddit!

Modern Family is full of witty and cheering comedy. Modern Family best quotes and fans pick their favorite lines from the sitcom on Reddit.

Modern Family has several funny lines from each essential character throughout 11 seasons. Fans adore hearing Phil’s thoughts on life, love, and Family, mainly when he discusses how different he is from Claire yet how much he loves her. The statements in this sitcom are remarkable because the characters are fooling around at times, and funny Modern Family quotes and sayings are severe and genuine at other moments.

Many Modern Family lines are remembered by fans, from a moving bit of life advice from Jay to some fan-favorite Phil comments.

Luke, Is Itching To Play A Video Game?

Luke Wants To Play A Video Game

“However, you study plants.” Plants are also life. “Do You Oppose Life?”

In Modern Family, Luke has a lot of goals, but he mostly wants to spend his leisure time with his father or play video games.

“My all-time favorite has to be from Season 2,” Reddit user manbot wrote of the fantastic Modern Family quotations, “when Luke chats to Claire about playing the computer game Plants vs. Zombies.” Luke has made a tremendous return.

Phil Discusses Issues And Solutions

Modern Family best quotes

“‘You Can Be Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution,’ Claire says. However, I believe you can be both.”

On Modern Family, a picture of Phil and Claire smiling

Phil and Claire are an intriguing couple from Modern Family. They occasionally agree, but they have to work hard to understand each other and come to terms with their children most of the time.

While Claire prefers order and practicality, Phil likes to go with the flow, which is why this phrase is amusing. When Phil says, “I happen to believe you can be both” a problem or a solution, one Reddit or likes it. This quote demonstrates how unlike the characters are.

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Jay Offers Life Guidance

Modern Family best quotes

“Life has always seemed to be a series of doors.” Sometimes you get to choose which door you walk through, and other times you don’t.”

While Phil is usually eager to spend time with Jay, he can be a little hesitant to be friendly and supportive to this amusing guy. However, the two characters occasionally bond, which fans always enjoy witnessing.

When Jay talks about life in the season 4 episode “Snip,” one Redditor appreciates it and writes, “You can either scream your way through or walk with your head held high.” It’s a beautiful episode. Jay stands by Phil as he seeks surgery but decides against it in this touching episode.

Phil Discusses Making Lemonade

Phil recalls tripping and falling from his roof.

“Make Lemonade When Life Hands You Lemons. Whaaat Will Life Be Like?”

Phil’s Modern Family comments are popular among fans because he enjoys reflecting on the meaning of life and how he might help those around him. Phil frequently develops his perspective on the world, which many spectators enjoy because his remarks are always amusing.

When Reddit user HaloManSR71 flips this famous and classic adage on its head he calls it “Phil’s-osophy.”

Phil recalls tripping and falling from his roof.

“Things haven’t come together so brilliantly since I tumbled from the roof while they were carrying our bouncing,” says the author.

The majority of lines from Phil appear when Modern Family fans discuss Modern Family’s best quotes from the show. That makes sense because Phil has a peculiar and amusing way of thinking about his life.

Phil’s story of “falling from the roof” and landing on a trampoline is a favorite of Reddit user mpeaky. If this were to happen to anyone on the show, it would undoubtedly be Phil, who enjoys the ridiculous aspects of life.

Phil Discusses Birthdays

Phil Discusses Birthdays-1

“What Makes A Good Birthday? Expectations are low.”

Phil offers this comment regarding birthdays in the season 1 episode “Game Changer,” and Reddit user marinex likes it when Phil talks about having “minimal expectations” when celebrating this day.

Claire tries to buy an iPad for Phil’s birthday in this entertaining episode, one of the more realistic tales.

Manny Discusses His Family!

Manny Discusses His Family

“My Family Is The Hero In My Family Because Of Who We Are Together”

On Modern Family, Manny stands behind Luke at home.

While Manny on Modern Family can be both childish and mature, his stories can be quite affecting because he is sensitive and wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Manny and Luke undertake a school project where they must choose a hero from their Family in the season 4 episode “My Hero.” Manny makes the happy decision that all of his relatives are his idols. “This was relatable because I love my family so much,” remarked Reddit user Artonriobells 777 of the quote.

Arvin and Haley discuss love!

Arvin and Haley discuss love

“There are forces in the universe that we don’t understand; measurable forces can’t be explained but can’t be denied, and this is one of them. I don’t understand it, but I know it’s true.”

Haley and Arvin share minor in common than she did with Dylan or even Andy, making this a unique chapter in Haley’s romantic history. This comment form Arvin’s raise by Reddit user jucmalucoo describes it as a “heartfelt moment that led to one of the best partnerships we saw in Modern Family.”

Legally Blonde is Phil’s favorite movie!

Legally Blonde is Phil's favorite movie

“Elle Won Her Case In Legally Blonde Because She Was True To Herself And Dressed Cutely,” Haley says.

“This Is Real Life, Not An Excellent Movie,” Phil says.

Contemporary Family Phil and Haley Haley grow up in every episode of Modern Family. Yet, in Modern Family’s best quotes; she never loses her zest for life, fun demeanor, or witty remarks. The statement when Haley and Phil are discussing Legally Blonde, and Phil deems it “a great movie,” is a favorite of Reddit users fabulously-frizzy. That is a perfect moment between two characters that don’t always spend time together or bond very strongly.

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