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Beyoncé will be embarking on a concert tour soon. Will Ticketmaster be able to cope?

The Renaissance Tour by Beyoncé is now underway. Fans are already bracing for a tough time obtaining tickets, particularly after Ticketmaster’s failed ticket distribution for Taylor Swift’s “ERAS” tour.

Beyoncé confirmed the tour — which had been speculated on Wednesday. The superstar simply said in an Instagram post.

Her tour dates range from May through September, according to her website. Beyoncé will perform in locations all around the globe, including a number of dates in the United States.

On Wednesday, Ticketmaster issued a blog post outlining how to get tickets for the tour.

People who wish to attend the North American portion of the tour must first register as Verified Fans, according to the article.

“Demand for this trip is predicted to be tremendous,” according to the website.”THE WORLD TOUR OF THE RENAISSANCE 2023. ” If there is more demand than there are available tickets, a lottery-style selection process will decide which registered Verified Fans get a unique access code and which are put on the waitlist,” the business stated, adding that the access code does not guarantee a ticket.

Fans have been waiting for word of the tour for months, but many are already braced for a Ticketmaster catastrophe, given the recent Swift ticket mess.

The Swift concert drama began even before tickets were officially on sale. When fans attempted to acquire pre-sale tickets for just a few dates in mid-November, Ticketmaster’s website became swamped. The demand was so great that Ticketmaster had to cancel the public sale of the tickets. Swift was enraged, calling the situation “excruciating for me.”

Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Share Sweet On-Stage Moment During Dubai Concert
Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Share Sweet On-Stage Moment During Dubai Concert

Ticketmaster had to deal with more than just Swift’s and her supporters’ wrath. The shambles triggered a hearing before the US Senate Judiciary Committee to look at the lack of competition in the ticketing business (and give senators an opportunity to quote their favourite T-Swift song lyrics.) The hearing provided members of the committee and others with an opportunity to criticise Ticketmaster’s dominance in the business.

Despite concerns that the conglomerate would establish a monopoly in the ticketing business, the firm merged with Live Nation more than a decade ago. According to a court document that raised concerns about the merger in 2010, Ticketmaster had more than 80% market dominance among big venues. According to CFO Joe Berchtold, who talked about the company on NPR, Ticketmaster denies that market share estimate, claiming that it only owns a little more than 30% of the concert market.

It is now frequently accused of wielding too much influence in the industry, essentially prohibiting fans and musicians from purchasing or selling tickets via a rival.

Renaissance, which was released last summer, has received widespread praise and has been nominated for album of the year at the Grammys on Feb. 5.

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