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Mindhunter Season 2: Teaser Revealing Major Spoilers, Plot Details & More!

It’s easy to make a show about Serial Killers nowadays. Ever since Dexter, there’s been no shortage of shows with a focus on serial killers, psychopaths, and crime. However, Mindhunter Season 2 is on a different dimension altogether.

It will take you into the minds of people who invented criminal profiling, who defined what a “Serial Killer” is. It will show you a unique perspective, from both the detectives and the psychopathic criminals. Even though there’s little action shown, the show will keep you hooked with brilliant dialogue and fully-fleshed characters. Needless to say, the conversations are the high point of this show. This show will make this a unique experience.

It is a truly very different and insightful TV show. Kind of an ‘Out of the Box’ idea of making a stand-alone show on criminal psychology and behavioral science. And its contribution to solving complicated and gruesome crimes. As the show progresses, all the main characters will be evolving to a greater extent.

Trailer for the Mindhunter Season 2 has been released recently. And it shows the two FBI agents, Holden Ford, and Bill Tench. Therefore, it makes many question in the minds of the fans. These two agents will investigate the case of BTK. The BTK is a serial killer who is killing and torturing the viciously all his victims.

Mindhunter season 2 will bring the story of several criminals. Some of them are Charles Manson, Strangler, Dennis Rader also known as BTK and Ed Kemper.

The premiere of the movie may out in August 2019. The show will turn back on 16th August 2019. Till then you should tune for latest updates.

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