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New ‘Hellraiser’ Images Dare You to Solve the Lament Configuration

Don’t open that box.

New ‘Hellraiser’ Images challenge you to figure out the lament configuration. This Halloween, you can expect to see a different Pinhead. Hulu has recently made available some brand new photos in advance of the launch of their upcoming Hellraiser movie. On October 7, the new movie, which is a recreation of the famous horror film from 1987, will be made available on Hulu as a part of the streaming service’s Halloween programming.

A young woman who is battling addictions that threaten to engulf her will be the protagonist of the upcoming Hellraiser movie. When she gets her hands on an old puzzle box, she uses it to call forth a horrible group of Cenobites who take pleasure in torturing their victims.

The film sees the return of the Hellraiser film series as well as the iconic and terrifying Cenobites, who have haunted the dreams of viewers for decades at this point. If you were unfortunate enough to watch one of the original Hellraiser movies when you were a youngster and the channel happened to be on cable, you will definitely have a picture of the iconic and extremely goth Pinhead imprinted into your memory.

Is there a new Hellraiser movie coming out?

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It also appears like Pinhead will be making an appearance in the next movie, albeit in a different, less recognizable form. Jamie Clayton is giving a performance that is equal parts beckons and repels in her role as the new Pinhead, who is actually a woman. This role is being played by Jamie Clayton (just like the original). But the new photos, which were unveiled today, put more emphasis on the characters who would be killed by the Cenobites rather than on the Cenobites themselves.

The newly released pictures depict a number of individuals whose facial expressions range from fear to excruciating pain. The Lament Configuration, which is a puzzle box, may be seen in some of the photographs as well. This configuration unlocks the gates that separate earth and hell. As depicted in the promotional video, the puzzle box inflicts wounds on its victims before draining their blood and plunging them into a pit of torment. The new photographs provide us with a glimpse into the suffering that lies in waiting for the next people who open the puzzle box. The new movie also stars Odessa A’zion, Adam Faison, Drew Starkey, and a few other familiar faces, in addition to Clayton.

Because of its trademark style, which revels in the macabre and goes to extremes, Hellraiser has become one of the most successful horror film franchises in the history of cinema. Clive Barker is a novelist, playwright, author, film director, and visual artist whose work concentrates on the horror genre. He is also the creator of the film franchise that bears his name.

The newest installment in the Hellraiser franchise is now in production, and David Bruckner is directing it. Screenwriters Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, as well as writer/producer David S. Goyer and producer Keith Levine, are responsible for developing this project. In addition to Barker, Marc Toberoff is a producer. Co-producing the project with Chris Stone and Gracie Wheelan are Chris Stone and Gracie Wheelan.

On October 7th, 2022, the first episode of Hellraiser will debut on Hulu. You are welcome to view the newly added pictures that are provided below.

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new hellraiser images dare you to solve the lament configuration

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