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Lucifer Season 5: One Last Run to Say GoodBye to Our DareDevil!

Lucifer Season 5 is under its production phase and moving towards the conclusion of the story of the Lucifer, our dark lord who tends to be a good angel though. So, the journey of the fallen angel is going to reach its end? Will it be a happy ending or we have to shed tears seeing evil overruling the devil forever?

Certainly, Lucifer Season 5 will bring a happy ending as the fate of the fantasy dramedy is set in stones. We can expect that the fate of Lucifer will lead him to overcome his evils and be a good angel. On the other, the thing which is keeping us worried about the finale, will Chloe and Lucifer will be able to meet forever?

For sure, we don’t want to see Lucifer shattering upon the grave manipulation of the evil, and giving up over his will of becoming a good angel. So, all we want is the re-union of Chloe and Lucifer while defeating all the evils.

No doubt, the arrival of the fifth season of Lucifer is what we want, but at the same time, it’s heart-wrenching to watch our favorite series for one last time.

We expect that Netflix will bring more of Lucifer, or some other masterpieces like this in the future to keep its huge fanbase entertained.


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