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Stranger Things Season 4: Is the End Near?

Stranger Things Season 4 is what fans are desperately waiting for, and it will hit hard Netflix in the upcoming year, 2020.

Stranger Things has successfully completed its three seasons and now it’s moving ahead towards another hit.

Certainly, Stranger Things Season 3 scorched the screens and the huge fanbase now eager to have season 4. The sci-fi thriller now hyped with more action, horror, tech, and bloodshed. So, we can expect Stranger Things Season 4 to be more scorching.

Stranger Things Season 3 left the fans confused over what will happen next in the Hawkins alongside the unanswered questions regarding the new additions including the mystery of Robin, and the Russians who are tracking down the Upsidedown.

We expect that Stranger Things Season 4 will rock and dazzle us with another jumbo pack of action and adventure. Alongside the continuation of the story from season 3, we will see some significant changes in the characters and plot of Stranger Things, in Season 4.

However, we don’t know whether Stranger Things Season 4 will be the final installment or there’s more to come yet.

Let’s see, will there be another hit. Or the makers have planned to end Stranger Things with the end of season 4?

So, if you want another season, or a spin-off, keep shipping Stranger Things.


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