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La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More!

The third season was made available to people in the rest of the globe a few months before it was made available to people in the United States. La Reina del Sur season 3 Netflix release date in the United States in May 2023.

The sitcom returned on April 22, 2019, after an almost eight-year hiatus with its second season, which was co-produced by Netflix and Telemundo Global Studios and marked the show’s return after an almost eight-year hiatus.

More than 2 million adults tuned in to see the season 2 finales; Telemundo is now one of the top three networks in the nation among this demographic.

After the phenomenal success of the show’s second season, followers of the drama are impatiently awaiting the premiere of the third season. To that end, in the following paragraphs, we will talk about all there is to know about the third season of the drama series La Reina del Sur, including when it will be released, who will be in it, what the story will be about, and any other relevant developments.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Netflix Release Date

May 2023 is the month when La Reina del Sur season 3 was released on Netflix. For those who aren’t acquainted, La Reina del Sur is a Mexican criminal drama series starring Kate del Castillo that has aired on American television for over ten years now.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Plot

A lady who came from meager beginnings finds herself in the precarious situation of becoming a legend in the drug trafficking industry after spending years of her life shedding blood, sweat, and tears.

Teresa Mendoza was sentenced to four years in jail in the United States for the murder of three DEA officers. She was eventually able to escape from prison, but now she must confront a world full of conspiracies while putting her own life in danger in order to clear her name and find her daughter Sofia. Epifanio Vargas, who is now serving as Mexico’s president, is attempting to seek reelection at this time.

We can breathe a sigh of relief since our showrunner, Marco Santana, has already started writing the screenplay. There will be some exciting new advancements in the next third season’s other features. The major focus of the story will be on Teresa’s efforts to achieve justice for the abduction of her daughter.

During the time that she was sheltered by the United States Federal Witness Protection Program, the couple hid their identities and resided in Italy under an assumed name. Both she and her daughter Sofia were placed in custody upon their return to the country.

On the other hand, a third person was aware of her genuine identity as well as the facts surrounding her situation.

Where can I watch La Reina del Sur 3?

You may stream ‘La Reina del Sur’ on Netflix in the United States. A premiere date for Season 3 of the Mexican crime drama ‘La Reina del Sur’ has been set. The 10-year series will be made accessible to Netflix subscribers in the United States beginning in May 2023, the company said.

Who is the cast of Reina del Sur season 3?

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Cast:

  • Kate del Castillo portrays Teresa Mendoza
  • Antonio Gil portrays Oleg Yosikov
  • Kika Edgar portrays Genoveva Alcalá
  • Alejandro Calva portrays César Güemes “Batman”
  • Lincoln Palomeque portrays Faustino Sánchez Godoy
  • Tiago Correa portrays Jonathan Peres
  • Emannuel Orenday portrays Danilo Márquez
  • Cuca Escribano portrays Sheila
  • Sara Vidorreta portrays Rocío Aljarafe
  • Humberto Zurita portrays Epifanio Vargas
  • Agata Clares portrays Paloma Aljarafe
  • Dmitry Anisimov portrays Anton Potapushin
  • Isabella Sierra portrays Sofía Dantes
  • Eduardo Yáñez portrays Antonio Alcalá

Check out the list of new cast members given below:

  • Noé Hernández
  • Matias Novoa
  • Pêpê Rapazote portrays Pablo Landero
  • Ed Trucco portrays Ernie Palmero
  • Carlos Valencia
  • Arturo Ríos portrays Delio Jurado
  • Denia Agalianou
  • Anderley Palomino portrays Mateo Mena
  • Sofia Lama portrays Susana Guzmán
  • Horacio Garcia Rojas portrays Charlie Velazquez
  • Fernando Solorzano
  • Victor Rebull portraying Fedor Yasakov
  • Beth Chamberlin

Will there be season 4 of La Reina del Sur?

It has been claimed that the program was canceled after its most current third season. The whole first three seasons of La Reina Del Sur are now available to watch on Netflix across the world; however, the question remains whether or not there will be further seasons. At this time, there are no plans to produce a fourth season of La Reina Del Sur.

Eight years have passed since the conclusion of the first season when we pick up the action in the second season. In order to escape the ghosts of her past, Teresa has relocated to Tuscany, Italy, where she now lives a simple and lonely existence.

La Reina Del Sur Season 2 Recap

However, eight years later, her daughter Sophia was kidnapped, forcing her to return to the world of drug trafficking.

The inevitability of her getting back together with people who used to be her enemies will, without a doubt, kick off a never-ending emotional trip that is laden with peril and treachery, and along the way, a great deal of unanticipated information will likely come to light.

Teresa is finally reunited with her daughter after discovering the truth about the circumstances behind her daughter’s abduction; nevertheless, she is now overcome with rage.

After many rounds of complex maneuvering and high-stakes drama, the game comes to a conclusion, and Teresa’s adversaries play their last card. Teresa then departs, and she ends up at an unknown place. She is not yet aware that someone is following her and is aware of where she is since no one has informed her of this fact.

Is Sofia in La Reina del Sur Season 3?

Isabella Sierra, who plays Reina del Sur, is a Colombian actress who is also returning for Season 3 of the show. The character of Teresa’s daughter Sofia is played by Sierra in this production. Following her conviction for murder, it has been four years since Sofia has had any contact with her mother prior to the start of Season 3.

Will there be season 4 of La Reina del Sur?

It has been claimed that the program was canceled after its most current third season. The whole first three seasons of La Reina Del Sur are now available to watch on Netflix across the world; however, the question remains whether or not there will be further seasons. At this time, there are no plans to produce a fourth season of La Reina Del Sur.

Is La Reina del Sur based on a true story?

A character named Isabella Bautista played by Teresa Ruiz in the Netflix series Narcos: Mexico is based, at least in part, on Vila. vila was a prominent figure in the Mexican drug trade. La Reina del Sur and Queen of the South are both television dramas that are adapted from the book “La Reina del Sur” written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte and based on Vila’s life.

Pérez-Reverte’s novel is a work of fiction, but it was inspired by Marllory Chacón, a real-life female drug lord who was born in Guatemala and ran cocaine from Guatemala to the United States through Colombian and Mexican drug cartels. Chacón built such a powerful empire that she was given the title of “Queen of the Cocaine” because of the extent to which she dominated the cocaine trade.

In spite of the fact that it is still the same “Queen of the South” (sometimes referred to as “La Reina del Sur”), we now have a variety of writers on the program, and we go to different nations and locations all throughout Latin America. You are going to experience Latin America in a manner in which you have never experienced it before, and you will not be disappointed.

More About The Drama La Reina Del Sur

There are 3 seasons of La Reina del Sur. If you like action-packed stories where the main character is a tough woman, you should check out La Reina del Sur.

It is based on the writings of Teresa Mendoza, a young woman from Mexico who rose to become one of the most infamous and deadly individuals in the world of illegal international drug trafficking despite having only a fundamental understanding of economics. Mendoza’s story is told in the film as it unfolded in her own words.

There are a total of 123 episodes of La Reina del Sur, which makes it one of the highest-budget and longest-running shows on Telemundo. There are 63 episodes in the first season and 60 episodes in the second season. The program has garnered a lot of praise from critics all around the world and has received a lot of good feedback from the audience.

The United States had to wait a few months before receiving season 3 after the rest of the globe. Netflix in the United States has received confirmation that the third season of La Reina del Sur premiered in May 2023. The crowd has liked the show a lot, and it has won a lot of awards and praise around the world.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Trailer

Watch the riveting official trailer for the La Reina del Sur season 3 here!

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