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Straight Outta Compton Official Global Trailer!

F. Gary Gray is the director of the 2015 American biographical drama film Straight Outta Compton. This story depicts the growth and collapse of the hip-hop group N.W.A. straight outta Compton and its members Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and DJ Yella. The film was released in the United States. The making of the movie was contributed to in some capacity by N.W.A. members.

Plot: Straight Outta Compton

In the year 1986, five young guys channeled the frustration and fury they felt about living in the most dangerous city in America into the most potent weapon they had access to their music. They used brutally honest lyrics and heavy rhythms to convey their message.

Straight Outta Compton takes us back to the place where it all started and tells the true story of how these cultural rebels, armed only with their lyrics, swagger, bravado, and raw talent, stood up to the authorities that meant to keep them down and formed the world’s most dangerous group.

N.W.A. (“Niggaz Wit Attitude”)Straight Outta Compton takes us back to the place where it all started and tells the true story of how these cultural rebels stood up to the authorities that meant to And when they revealed life in the ghetto and shouted the truth that no one had ever said before, their voice launched a social revolution that is still echoing today.

Following Eazy’s acceptance of Jerry Heller’s offer to manage N.W.A and co-run Ruthless, Priority Records extends an offer of a recording contract to the group. When the group was recording their debut album, Straight Outta Compton (1988), the police harassed them because of their ethnicity and appearance, which prompted Ice Cube to write a song in jest about the police. As a result of the album’s explicit content and the songs’ depiction of violent situations, it becomes a huge commercial success, and the press labels the group’s music as gangsta rap.

 "Fuck Tha Police"
“Fuck Tha Police”

The FBI ordered N.W.A. to cancel their performance of “Fuck Tha Police” during a concert tour in 1989 because the song incites people to commit violent acts against law enforcement. The police in Detroit have warned them not to sing the song, but they still do it. They are stopped by the police on a bridge, and some members of the gang are arrested, which leads to a disturbance in the crowd.

North West In 2010, New Line Cinema started production on a biopic. Before Gray was selected as the director in April 2012, many other filmmakers, including Craig Brewer, Peter Berg, and John Singleton, were considered for the role. The majority of the actors joined the production in June of 2014, and the main shooting started in August of that same year.

Locations for the filming included Los Angeles and Compton, both in the state of California. Several issues plagued the production, including difficulties with the casting call and numerous instances of violence on the set. The movie is dedicated to Eazy-E, who passed away from HIV-related complications in 1995, which is twenty years before the movie was released.

Where can I watch the Straight Outta Compton movie?

We can watch Straight Outta Compton Streaming versions now available on fuboTV, FXNow, and DIRECTV, respectively. Downloads of “Straight Outta Compton” can be purchased from Amazon Video, Vudu, AMC on Demand, DIRECTV, Redbox, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and the Microsoft Store. Additionally, the film can be rented online from Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, FlixFling, AMC on Demand, and Spectrum On Demand.

Straight Outta Compton Cast

In the middle of 2010, auditions were made available to the public. There were whispers that Lil Eazy-E would take on the role of his late father Eazy-E and that Ice Cube’s son and fellow rapper, O’Shea JacksonJr. would also portray his father in the film.

Ice Cube stated the following about the film: “We’re bringing it to the nooks and crannies, I believe further than any other article or documentary on the group,” he added. “They’re taking it to the nooks and crannies.” “These are the private discussions that had a role in the formation of N.W.A. to me; I believe that it is intriguing to anyone who loves that period, and I do not know of any other movie where you can combine Gangster Rap, the F.B.I., L.A. Riots, HIV, and fucking feuding with each other. I think that it is interesting to everyone who loves that era. This film covers all bases, from Daryl Gates to the battering ram.

"We're bringing it to the nooks and crannies
“We’re bringing it to the nooks and crannies,

The casting list is given below:

O’Shea Jackson Jr. as O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson

Corey Hawkins as Andre “Dr. Dre” Young

Marlon Yates Jr. as Tracy “The D.O.C.” Curry

Jason Mitchell as Eric “Eazy-E” Wright

Aldis Hodge as Lorenzo “MC Ren” Patterson

Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller

Tate Ellington as Bryan Turner, head of Priority Records

R. Marcos Taylor (credited as R. Marcus Taylor) as Marion “Suge” Knight

Lakeith Stanfield as Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus

Alexandra Shipp as Kimberly Woodruff

Neil Brown Jr. as Antoine “DJ Yella” Carraby

Corey Reynolds as Alonzo Williams, club owner and member of Dr. Dre and DJ Yella’s pre-N.W.A group World Class Wreckin’ Cru

Sheldon A. Smith as “Warren G” Griffin III

Keith Powers as Tyree Crayon, Dr. Dre’s half-brother

Elena Goode as Nicole Threatt, Dr. Dre’s wife

Mark Sherman as Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Interscope Records

Steve Turner as “Keith Shocklee” Boxley, member of The Bomb Squad

LaDell Preston plays Jerome “Shorty” Muhammad, a member of Ice Cube’s post-N.W.A group Da Lench Mob

Cleavon McClendon as Anthony “Sir Jinx” Wheaton, a member of Ice Cube’s pre-N.W.A group C.I.A

Rogelio Douglas, Jr. as Carlton “Chuck D” Ridenhour of The Bomb Squad, producers of Ice Cube’s solo album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted

Marcc Rose as Tupac Shakur, with Darris Love providing the character’s voice

F. Gary Gray as KDAY disc jockey Greg Mack

Tyron Woodley as Terry “T-Bone” Gray, member of Ice Cube’s post-N.W.A group Da Lench Mob

Brandon Lafourche as Kim “Arabian Prince” Nazel


Is Straight Outta Compton 100% true?

Straight Outta Compton, the biopic about NWA, only got “70 percent of the facts right,” according to DJ Yella. Straight Outta Compton is a biography about the renowned hip-hop group N.W.A. that was released in 2015 as a film with a strong fictional element.

Which NWA lost his voice?

Five years after the album’s initial release, it was certified platinum. Late in 1989, a few months after the publication of No One Can Do It Better, the D.O.C. was in a catastrophic vehicle accident that caused the crushing of his larynx, permanently altering his voice. This occurred a month after the album was first made available to the public.

What is the song at the start of Straight Outta Compton?

Songs on straight outta Compton written by N.W.A.
The starting outta Compton song album list is given below:
1. Straight Outta Compton (1988) N.W.A
2. “Flash Light” (from Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome, 1978)  
3.”We Want Eazy” (from Eazy-Duz-It, 1988)        
Eazy-E featuring Dr. Dre and MC Ren
4.” Gangsta Gangsta” (from Straight Outta Compton, 1988) N.W.A
Straight outta Compton lyrics are also available on youtube.

Is Straight Outta Compton movie on Netflix?

N.W.A. is a rap group that emerged in the middle of the 1980s from the poor areas of Compton. The group’s authenticity was raw and controversial, and it revolutionized hip-hop culture. You may watch as much as you want.

How much did Straight Outta Compton album sell?

Right from the Get Go Compton redirected the course of hip hop, making poetry that dealt with the gangsta lifestyle the primary factor in determining sales statistics. It has surpassed 3,500,000 copies sold, making it N.W.A’s most successful album in terms of sales.

Straight Outta Compton Official Global Trailer!

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