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Jennifer Garner Reunites with ‘Alias’ Co-Star Victor Garber in the Off-Broadway Play ‘My Person’

Jennifer Garner Reunites with ‘Alias’ Co-Star Victor Garber, and she is quite fond of her coworker Alias Victor Garber, on Sunday she went to see his farewell performance in “Love Letters” at the Irish Repertory Theatre.

The 13 Going on 30 actress, 51, posted on Instagram on Sunday that she had attended the Off-Broadway play Love Letters to enjoy her best friend and ex-TV father perform.

The two actors, Garner and Garber, performed in the A. R. Gurney play Succession, about two friends who exchange letters throughout the course of their lives.

On Sunday, Garber, 74, shared an identical picture of the two on his Instagram account with the message, “Last night a surprise visit at Irish Rep Theatre.”

He said “Today is the last performance for me and J. Smith Cameron, Thank you Irish Rep for this wonderful opportunity. XX”(Brooke Shields and John Slattery will be the main guests this coming Wednesday through Sunday; the program has featured a revolving door of celebrities.)

In the comments section of Garber’s post, Jennifer Garner praised the actor and gave a knowing nod to the audience of her CIA drama that aired on ABC from 2001 to 2006.

“I wouldn’t miss seeing you perform on stage, my Spy Daddy,” she wrote. “I love you, @therealvictorgarber. You and J. Smith shared a “chef’s kiss.”

On Sunday, Garner once again showed his support for Garber’s theatrical endeavors. She paid him a backstage visit in 2018 when he was performing in Hello, Dolly! They took a picture with Bernadette Peters, who played Garber’s main woman in the film.

The Last Thing He Told Me, an Apple TV+ original series, reunited Garner and Garber on television. The Yes Day actress was so happy to work with her old pal again that she couldn’t help but behave out of character on set.

“We’ve wanted to work together again, so [series cocreators] Josh Singer and Laura Dave to give us that chance was pretty exciting,” Garner revealed to Entertainment Weekly in April. “The only problem was, I couldn’t stop smiling at him.”

She said that executive producer Josh Singer pulled her aside and asked her to rein down her enthusiasm during filming.

“Josh kept coming and sneaking over and kind of whispering in my ear, ‘You are Hannah. Stop smiling at him. You look like Jennifer. I’ve never seen you break character more than the way you are with Victor,'” she recalled. “I was just grinning ear to ear. I was so happy he was there.”

Garner told Entertainment Weekly that she and the rest of the limited series’ staff were set to include Garber in the production. She concluded, “It was definitely premeditated.” I mean, “I mean, Victor is still very much like my dad, I talk to him every Sunday. And I don’t think you could convince him that he’s not my actual father if you tried.”

Garber agrees with this assessment. When asked about his relationship with Garner, he told Us Weekly, “She’s very maternal towards me, and I’m very paternal towards her.”We have kind of an unbreakable bond, and I just feel so grateful for that ’cause I love her very much.”

In a touching Instagram post from last year, Garner showed off her and Garber’s adorable closeness as they smiled and leaned against one another while sitting on a sofa. “I spoke to @therealvictorgarber today and it made me miss him. I love you, SpyDaddy ♥️ #FBF

Their friendship is so strong that in 2005, Garner asked Garber to preside over her wedding to ex-husband Ben Affleck. In addition, he was there for her after her 2015 breakup with the 51-year-old Air singer.

“She’s dealing with a lot of stress and pain, and dealing with it in, I think, a magnificent way,” Garber said to Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve always found her to be incredibly authentic. It’s part of why people, I think, are drawn to her because she is real. She also has a great capacity for love. And so, all that said, she’s dealing with the situation, I think, miraculously.”

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