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How Online Shaming Affect Our Kids?

Have you ever experienced negative comments on your recently uploaded photo or video?

Well, 40% of online users have already encountered online shaming.

With billions of active users, social media is on top of the list, where making negative comments on an individual is not a big deal. The consequences of such activity are long-lasting as it impacts on online reputation, causes stress, increases criticism, etc.

Gen Z is the most targeting victims of shaming, reportedly. When a child shares the posts with his/her online friends, they gang up for abusive comments and end-up with depression or suicide attempts.

Unfortunately, our youth is not secure in the internet world. No matter how much they have been asked to be alert, they can get exposed to cyber threats. Let’s get into detail about cyber threats and dangers of social media for teens that how it happens.

Online Shaming – The Definition

It happens when someone uses the personal chat or photos of the victim for harassing, criticism, etc. They make fun of the victim publicly and use abusive comments to make them feel miserable.

Effects of Online Shaming Among Teens

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Suicide Attempts
  • Lack of Communication
  • Trust Issues
  • Depression
  • Low-Grades
  • Over-Thinking

Why Does It Happen?

There was a time when no one used to interact with the digital world. But now, everyone has internet access, and people find it easy to abuse an individual online than in real life. The Internet world has increased shaming activity, which includes harassment, mocking, etc.

Its effects are dangerous and can develop an inferiority complex in the teens. Such public abuse causes depression and changes the vision of life he/she use to live.

It shows how important it is to build strong ties with your child. Teens will share every problem when they realize the support of their parents. Here, we have come with some powerful tips to guard our kids against online shaming.

Remind Your Teens They Are Not Alone

Our kids make mistakes and often share private data with strangers on social media. When parents react aggressively towards the kids’ blunders, they begin to hide their fears. Parents must earn the confidence of their children by dealing with their problems in a friendly way. They should show them their support and ask their opinions too to solve general issues.

Teach Them How to Deal with Free Speech

Our child may become the victim of online shaming. But we also should learn that they also can bully another online user. Teaching them the real-use of free speech gives the kids a chance to build a positive online reputation plus improve the behavior.

Control Their Screens and Manage Their Activities (android spyware)

As we have shared that our children make mistakes, but it does not mean we can’t stop them. Prevention is better than cure. Make sure of what our children do online. If a child is sharing her/his personal photos with online strangers, we should stop him/her immediately. But how can we monitor them?

Well, android spyware makes it possible.

Parents can track what their children share with online friends by installing an android monitoring app. The end-user must access the target cell phone physically to download the tool. Remote controlling activities empower the end-user to take action against any dubious activity. If a group is harassing your child, parents can block their access and collect the evidence for reporting to an authority.


Online shaming has been increasing day by day, and authority has lost control over it. Parents should come forward to protect their kids from such public harassment that can take the life of the victim. Downloading android spyware on your child’s phone allows you to monitor who comments on their post. It also enables the end-user to block unwanted calls or contacts to stop harassing, etc.

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