Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Home Alone Reboot to Release on Disney+ , Know About Macaulay’s ideas about it

Decades after, Disney+ adapted Home Alone for a reboot. The emerging streaming site, Disney+ will surely sparkle and jazz up the Home Alone plotline.

One of our childhood favorite films, Home Alone will soon be back in its rebooted version on Disney+ as the emerging streaming domain has set some bigger plans for it.

We still have no idea about the plotline of the upcoming reboot of Home Alone. However, it is clear that Disney+ will stay sticky to the original theme, home alone kids amid robbery and other threatening tangles.

Well, as the fans want some teen twist in the upcoming reboot, it seems that Disney+ version of Home Alone will include teen leads. However, the cast and characters are still unknown.

Moreover, we don’t even know whether Disney+ will represent it as a TV Series or a Film series.

Well, the notion of TV series weighs higher than the film. Let’s see what the makers will bring to us.

Recently, the previous Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin A.K.A Kevin tweeted stating his vulnerable idea about the Home Alone Reboot. He tweeted a picture of him sitting on a sofa holding a plate in his hand, and a laptop resting on his lap. Well, that seems quite weird. Along with his photo, he stated, this is what an updated Home Alone would look like. Moreover, he also stated, “Call Me Disney”.

So what does that mean, call me Disney? Is Macaulay planning to be a part of Home Alone Reboot or he wants to share his ideas to be included in the reboot?

Soon, all of this will be clarified.

Stay tuned with us to know more about Home Alone Reboot.


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