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Fletcher, Kelsea Ballerini Are the ‘Better Version’ After Heartbreak in New Video

“Kelsea and I really connected on the many emotions of ending a chapter in your life and the chaos that kind of comes with it,” Fletcher tells Rolling Stone. “On the many emotions of closing a chapter in your life, Kelsea and I both really connected.”

In the music video for their song “Better Version,” Fletcher and Kelsea Ballerini bid their goodbyes to a former love interest. On Friday, the Girl of My Dreams musician shared the music video for their collaboration, which depicted each of the artists breaking up with their respective partners in distinct plotlines.

“The video portrays the unraveling of two separate love tales, which is something that Kelsea and I both really wanted to bring to life as we truly connected on the true feelings of what it feels like to close a chapter,” “And although if the love that we experience may be unique to us, the feelings that we feel are universal.”

In the opening scene of the music video, Fletcher is seen making out with a woman in a sexually suggestive setting. This is followed by a scene in which Ballerini and her boyfriend are seen celebrating the purchase of their first house together. The characters portrayed by Ballerini and Fletcher seem to gradually lose their romantic feelings for their respective relationships and figure out how to manage life on their own for the first time.

Kelsea wrote her unique take on the song, and Fletcher believes that thinking up this short video with the brilliant filmmaker Eva Dolealová was a wonderful experience.

As a foreshadowing of the two people eventually becoming friends, the music video concludes with Ballerini and Fletcher arriving at the same cafe before meeting face to face with one another.

“The fact that I get to have an even better version, (yes, cheesy ass pun intended) of my personal favourite song from my album brought to life by an artist who I’ve not only been a fan of for a long time but is also such a close human in my life fills my heart,” Fletcher adds. “It’s a song that has a special place in my heart because it was written by someone I’ve known for a long time.”

After releasing the songs “Becky’s So Hot,” “Her Body Is Bible,” and “Sting” in 2022, Fletcher released “Better Version” as the fifth single from his album Girl of My Dreams in 2023.

“This is a narrative about the ups and downs of a relationship, and how it inevitably comes to an end. maybe the fave video I’ve done yet. starring @avacapri and @gavinleatherwood, and directed by the talented @evadolezalovaofficial, the video also has a cameo by @evadolezalova “Fletcher sent a message on Instagram.

“it takes you on the parallel path of two love stories… from the passion and joyous beginnings to the unraveling, and eventually to the improvement of yourself with the humans who meet you there,” said Ballerini. “It’s a beautiful story of two people who fall in love with one other.”

Girl of My Dreams is Fletcher’s first studio album, and it was released in September. “Better Version” is included in that album.

In addition, the hits “Healing,” “Her Body is Bible,” “Becky’s So Hot,” “Sting,” and “Suckerpunch” are included in the album Girl of My Dreams, along with seven more tracks.

Subject to Change is the title of Ballerini’s most recent studio album, which was also released in September.

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