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Finding the Best Instant Cash Loan App for Your Situation

2020 has not been the year for good finances. The pandemic has cost millions of people their jobs, with unemployment rates rising higher than ever expected. If you’re in need of a quick cash loan, you’re most definitely not alone. Whereas you used to have to go to a bank to request a loan, apps are now making this process much faster and smoother. Whatever your situation, read on to find the best instant cash loan app for you.

If You Want to Build Credit

If you are in need of building up your credit but also need a loan, the MoneyLion app could be for you. They don’t require any credit checks for eligibility but require that you link your checking account for them to review.

You will also be required to create a Credit Builder Plus membership, which costs $19.99 a month. With MoneyLion, you will have access to loans up to $1,000 and generally receive at least part of the loan within a few days.

If You Need Money Today

If you need money today, the CaptainCash instant cash loan app is for you. You must be a Canadian citizen with a monthly income of $1,200. They also require that you’ve been at your job for at least three months and have very few non-sufficient fund transactions.

If you fit all these, you could access your cash the same day! They use an e-mail service, which is the quickest, and you can renew your loan at any time. It’s easy to find a location and quick to fill out your application form.

If You’re Looking for a Small Loan

If you only need $100 or so, consider the Dave instant cash loan app. They also don’t require credit checks but do require you have a steady paycheck that gets direct deposited into your account.

You can access your money the same day, but Dave does include fees for this service. They also do not have interest charges for their loans, but instead, ask for tips to help support the app.

If You’re in Need of Low Fees

The best app for instant cash loans with no fees is Earnin. To use this app, you must have a steady paycheck, with at least 50% of it direct deposited into one checking account. They also require that you make at least $4 an hour after taxes and deductions are taken out.

They do not charge any interest or fees but do ask for tips to help support the app. Generally, you can get your money within three business days.

Best Instant Cash Loan App

The best instant cash loan app for you depends on what factors you find the most important. Browse through this collection of apps and find the best one that suits you and your situation, whether it be low-interest fees or instant cash transfers.

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