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How to choose the right yoga courses in India?

Yoga has become quite popular in this global village over the years, and the number of institutes offering yoga courses in India has increased drastically. Yoga is an old practice that hails down to 5000 years or more. Vedic Yoga is the oldest form of yoga, yet with time numerous other forms have developed. The Yoga Courses in India offer wide-dimensional training to their trainees. However, there are also a few factors you must keep in mind to find the right institute that suits your criteria.


We might have mentioned budget a little later on the list, but it is among the essential factors. You might come across an institute that fulfills all your requirements until you realize that it is heavy on your pocket. We suggest you consider budget-friendly options that fit your pocket.

Identify your needs

Now when you know your budget and have a few options in sight, selecting the right one is crucial. Identification of your objective as a yoga teacher trainee might include your intensity of interest and your post-training plans to help you decide.

Decide a niche

Yoga has evolved over the years, and the Yoga Courses in India offer a broad range of yoga styles to choose from. Having a particular style of yoga does not restrict you from teaching others; instead, it enables you to build a specific strength. When a student is keen about a particular style of yoga, they might choose a specialized trainer for the purpose.

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Study the institute

While we aspire to get admission to a university, we do proper research about the campus and faculty. So why not do the same while learning to teach yoga?

Two essential factors to consider while choosing Yoga Courses in India is the reputation of the school and the experience of teachers. The experience of teachers is not only to be considered in numbers (months, years) but also how well their students are doing now as instructors. Moreover, the comments of alumni about an institute speak a lot about it.


Usually, the offered yoga courses are more or less 200 hours long and go up to 28 weeks at most—however,  no hard and fast rule about it. Different institutes split these credit hours according to their format, and the number of weeks might increase.

For example, an institute offers 3 classes a week, and another one takes one class every Sunday. The course will wind up in the former one quite early than the other. Depending on your feasibility, choose a place that provides you with a comfortable learning experience.

The presence of numerous institutes that offer Yoga Courses in India has made it accessible to everyone now. The increase in number also affects the quality of training that the institutes offer as each of them cannot guarantee finesse. A bit of research about the yoga courses in India will make it incredibly easy for you to find the best place that suits your needs best.

Good teachers train students to be good teachers. We suggest investing in a course where trainers give their best to make students excellent yoga teachers.

Happy learning!

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