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A Virtual Fashion Parade organized by Springfield Designer Justin Haynes

A Fashion Designer is a person who designs and assists with the production of expensive and casual clothing, accessories, selects styles, and shoes that identify trends, fabrics, colors, prints, and a lot of collections—fashion Designers either design ready-to-wear clothing or haute couture. There is no need for any education or certification required to become a successful fashion designer, but you have to work and struggle to make the feat more accessible. To become a fashion designer, you must know the combination of drawing, sewing, and design skills, just like Justin Haynes. Fashion Designing is not all about simple dress design but also about the Visual Arts, General Design, and even Graphic Design knowledge.

Modern Era:

Modern is a broad design term. The fashion designs are created in one place and then travel from one place to another. A word that’s commonly used to describe the modern style is Art. Art implements the talent of an ordinary person.

It is necessary to bring many more advanced styles to this era’s people in the Modern Era. A fashion designer’s primary job is always to create designs for clothes, accessories, and shoes. Understanding current trends is an essential aspect of this process. Besides, designers may be responsible for marketing their lines to retailers.

Fashion Week:

Haynes has presented his elegant designs in Paris Fashion Week 2019. He also offers his design all over the world. Justin Haynes also showcased his unique clothing during New York Fashion Week, several years running. His work is so astounding that many magazines continue to showcase his fashionable trends.

New Collection:

Springfield based designer Justin Haynes presents a new Collection, “Grayscale — Gray on a High.” As a child, the television show “The Facts of Life,” was a favorite and the inspiration behind the new collections name. Justin Haynes, C.E.O. and Founder of JUS10H, said: “I want to revive the vintage looks and bring them back in this modern era.” As seen in this collection, Justin Haynes was able to creatively transform some more vintage looks into a trending topic last week.

The fall and winter collection has different colors such as camel brown, black into final color grey, and the scale of creams and tans. Haynes’ collection was debuted on his birthday, Wednesday, October 28th, for a V.I.P. audience of nearly 200 virtual attendants. The virtual fashion show included four models on the runway; this included two veteran models that have been with Justin for over ten years.

A Virtual Fashion Parade:

From notable runways in Paris to a casual show in Springfield’s hometown, to most recently, his first-ever virtual Fashion show. Springfield based designer Justin Haynes did not let the Coronavirus Pandemic stop or place limits on him from his fashion traditions. Haynes’ arranged a virtual fashion show for 175 of his most loyal customers and friends.

Springfield Designer Justin Haynes

When globally the outlook is bleak, Justin Haynes is busy boldly creating fashionable designs, which brings some love, fun, and excitement to these trying times. His creativity does not allow him to stop. He plans to continue creating more and more extraordinary designs for the people of Paris and beyond.







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