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Different Types Of Rock Crushing Equipment

Before we talk about the rock crushing equipment, first talk about what are these crushers?

Crushers are the primary source in the mining process. A crusher is a machine used to decrease the size of big rocks into smaller rocks or gravel in 1830 was the manufacture of the first crusher.

When it comes to rock crushing equipment, there are a lot of varieties in the market that you can avail of. Stone crushing is divided into four parts. Based on the degree from which the material is fragmented.

These four stages are primary, tertiary, secondary, and quaternary stages. Primary and secondary stages include crushing of materials while the other two stages quaternary and tertiary includes the reduction of ore particles to its best degree. All the activities at the primary stage depend on impact crusher or gyratory jaw. Other stone crushers like impact crusher, roll crusher, and cone crushers are mostly used at the secondary stage. The quaternary and tertiary stages mostly require the utilization of cone crusher. Whether some functions may use vertical shift impact-crusher. To control the quality and size of the product at the same time reduces the wastage of material or rocks, so you have to ensure that the reduction of aggregates correctly spread over the four stages. Eastman Crushers are one of the reliable names when it comes to rock crushing equipment.

There are different types of rock crushers, but we have listed some of the topmost rock crushing machines.

Gyratory Crusher

It consists of a concave surface with a conical head. It is made up of massive steal. This type of rock crushing machine uses the force of compression to break the rock. And this happens when the mantle is in contact with the bowl during gyration. These machines are built in the cavity and are mostly used for crushing the hard rocks. It’s used in the big mines. It makes a complete cycle. It’s huge as it can use an entire track with 350 tons in one time, and it is used for sturdy materials. Benefits that the installation is cheap, while it has expensive maintenance and builds. It needs to create a period from 6 to 12 months.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher also uses the force of compression. The rocks are allowed into the gap at the top of the equipment between two jaws. In this machine, one of the jaws is fixed, and the other reciprocates by moving back and forth. The gap between these jaws is called the crushing chamber. The moving jaw applies a compressive force on the rock, so as a result, the rock gains fracture and reduces. These rocks remain in the crushing chamber until they are small enough to move down to the opening chamber at the bottom. Jaw crushers can work for both hard stones and soft stones.

Cone Crusher

This rock crushing machine is similar to a gyratory crusher. Because it also operates on a mantle within a bowl. It consists of a small spindle, and it is supported by a curved universal bearing that is located beneath the cone.

Selection of Rock Crushing Equipment

Factors in choosing the right rock crushing equipment.

  • Ore characteristics
  • Operational considerations
  • Production requirements
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Project location
  • Expansion plans

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