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Cloud Technology: How it will help the Gaming Industry?

In the past couple of decades, gaming has been the fastest-growing sector among all the other industries. With fairly unbelievable advances in technology, the growth of the gaming industry is breaking records. With innovations every day, the industry is becoming increasingly exciting and finding ways to improve the user experience. The evolution of pixel art from the 2D model to the 3D model describes technology at its peak. The pandemic has caused a steep rise in the gaming industry. In a year, it generated revenue of over $156 billion. This number is expected to reach $200 billion by the end of this year.

Cloud gaming is the new hot topic in the gaming industry. It has the potential to change the way the whole industry functions. It is the next major achievement in the gaming ecosystem. Amazon Luna by Amazon, Sony PlayStation, and Stadia by Google are some of the major cloud services available in the market right now. Cloud services have improved the way people play games. It has affected every nook and corner of the gaming industry. So much so that even online casinos have now started to accept and implement cloud-based betting servers. cryptogmblr is one of the pioneers that has helped cloud services into the online gambling sector. Following its lead, every other online casino service provider started making these changes in their systems.

What is Cloud Gaming

With cloud gaming, you can play any game without downloading it on your computer or console. Also, there are no geographical limitations to the cloud service. This makes it easy and accessible to play the game anytime and anywhere you want to. All you need is a device to play on and an internet connection. Cloud gaming is somewhat like a streaming service in simple terms. It is similar to streaming videos on YouTube and other OTT platforms. The only difference here is that you need to install streaming apps on your device, and it is not the same with cloud gaming. Mostly, to access cloud services, you have to pay for a subscription to access this easy and advanced service.

Cloud gaming is used by a large number of gamers all over the world because it has a lot of benefits. To access a cloud service, you don’t have to upgrade or make changes to your hardware. Also, there is no geographical hurdle blocking your way to opening your cloud gaming account and starting whatever game you want to. One of the best features of cloud gaming is its cross-platform compatibility. Also, the cost is nothing compared to the features you get by subscribing to a cloud service.

Importance of Cloud Gaming

The widespread acceptance of cloud gaming has not only changed the way games are played but also how games are developed. Even developers get loads of benefits. It includes the cost of purchasing a gaming console or building a powerful PC as well as their maintenance charges. Instead, you can use a small amount of this to subscribe to a cloud service. This will let you access a high-performing and strong virtual gaming computer or a console. Along with your favorite game, you can also access your saved data from the farthest corner of the world. A simple explanation for this is that all your data is saved on the server.

Along with gamers, cloud gaming has also improved the way developers and publishers work. With cloud gaming, you don’t need a DRM, which means pay will go down as the users don’t have to download the games. With cloud gaming, it is made sure that gamers have equal access to hardware as well as performance. It also helps reduce development costs.

Benefits of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is capable of offering a high-quality gaming experience to users with equal device support from any corner of the world. This is made possible because advanced software is running data centers that allow the scenes to flow on the internet to the user’s device in real time. These strong servers also reduce the game’s loading time, improving the user experience. Also, the users can launch a game with just a single click with the services of a cloud company.


Cloud Gaming is continuously growing, and it is getting better with each passing day. You can play your favorite game on a heavy-duty virtual computer that can be accessed through a secure data center offered by a cloud server. With a stable internet connection and a cloud subscription, you can play any game you want, anywhere and anytime. Also, there is no restriction over the number of games as well.

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